Vancouver 2010 Parks and Recreation Impacts

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With the arrival of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in just over two weeks many are already aware of the disruption to traffic patterns around the City. However, there will also be changes to local services such as parks and recreation programs.

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In order to be better prepared, here is a rundown of impacts on local public parks and programs coming this February (via the Vancouver Parks Board).

Coal Harbour Community Centre
Impact: Full closure
Date: January 1 – March 31
Notes: Some programs will move to West End Community Centre.

False Creek Community Centre
Impact: No regular programming during Games.
Dates: February 1 – March 3
Notes: Part of Place de la Francophonie Granville Island festivities

Hastings Community Centre
Impact: Access will be changed and/or limited
Dates: February 13 – February 27
Notes: It’s adjacent to the Pacific Coliseum, which is an Olympic venue & on a major transportation route.

Riley Park Community Centre, Percy Norman Pool, Riley Rink
Impact: Access will be limited
Dates: February – March
Notes: It’s adjacent to the curling and wheelchair-curling venue

Roundhouse Arts and Recreation Centre
Impact: Full closure except for Cultural Olympiad ticketed events/performances
Dates: January 21 – March 21
Notes: It will be the home of Casa Italia and is adjacent to LiveCity Yaletown

Britannia Ice Rink
Impact: Full closure
Dates: January 27 – March 5
Notes: It’s a training venue for Olympic ice hockey

Killarney Ice Rink
Impact: Full closure
Dates: January 15 – May 2010
Notes: It’s the training venue for Olympic short track speed skating

Trout Lake Ice Rink
Impact: Full closure
Dates: January 15 – May 2010
Notes: It’s the training venue for Olympic ice skating

David Lam Park
Impact: Full closure
Dates: October 2009 – June 2010
Notes: It’s the LiveCity Yaletown site

Hillcrest Park fields
Impact: Full closure
Dates: December 2009 – July 2010
Notes: It’s within security zone around an Olympic competition venue

Jericho Beach Park, Spanish Banks Park
Impact: Open to public, some parking restrictions
Dates: February 5 – March 7
Notes: It will be a temporary RV Park during the Games

Queen Elizabeth Park
Impact: Parking restrictions
Dates: February – March
Notes: It’s adjacent to Olympic curling and wheelchair-curling venue.

Stanley Park
Impact: Open to public
Dates: February – March
Notes: Park Drive exit onto the causeway northbound to the Lion’s Gate Bridge will be closed 24/7 Feb 4 to Feb 28 inclusive.

Impact: Some closures and rerouting around Games sites and venues
Dates: January – March
Notes: Re-routing will be taking place along some parts of the Seawall.
The Southeast False Creek seawall is closed January – March
Around the Convention Centre is closed January – March
Around the Westin Bayshore there is cycling only January – March

All information subject to change

If you go to community centre programs, use daycare facilities or even have a daily running route you’ll want to check the Vancouver Parks Board site. They will have the most up-to-date information regarding addresses, access, and alternate routes.

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