Biographies of the Dead and Dying at Vancouver Fringe Festival 2009

Add a Comment by Rebecca Bollwitt

Andrew Templeton’s Biographies of the Dead and Dying was my first Fringe Festival show in about 10 years. Taking place at the Havana Theatre on Commercial Drive, tucked behind the Havana Restaurant, the two actors on the minimalist set sure do pack an emotional punch with their powerful performance.

Biographies of the Dead and Dying is chilling but not in the way you may expect. It’s frank, open, and a little bit crazy but that’s the point… aren’t we all. I don’t want to give too much away but Heather Lindsay does a remarkable job of deconstructing her character before our eyes.

A few items to note. The first is that the play features nudity as well as mature language so it’s not quite suitable for the kiddies. The second is that the savory roasted garlic aroma from the restaurant will drive you crazy if you haven’t had dinner. I recommend having a bite at Havana before the show, but leave yourself enough time as it’s a very busy place.

The Vancouver Fringe Festival will run until September 20th and host performances in dozens of venues across town in venues that range from trailers, hotel rooms, and stages. You can purchase tickets online and you’ll need a Fringe membership as well (which is just $5).

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