Paws 4 Peace with the Canadian Red Cross

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The seventh annual Paws 4 Peace walk will take place June 7th at Second Beach in Stanley Park. This initiative by the Canadian Red Cross is to raise awareness of the work done by their Humanitarian Issues Working Group.


Every day around the world, many people lose their life and limbs to explosive remnants of war such as landmines and cluster bombs. Millions of people living in over 80 countries must think twice about where they walk, as they fear the deadly legacies in the ground. People who survive these life-changing accidents must live with their injuries for the rest of their lives. Paws 4 Peace will raise awareness on this crucial issue while raising crucial funds to help the survivors of landmine and cluster bomb accidents. [Read more…]

The walk is 3km around Lost Lagoon and as the name of the event suggests, dogs are very welcome. Participants are encouraged to register and raise funds for their walk or anyone has the option of simply donating to the cause. Friends, family, and children are also welcome on the walk and there will be refreshments, music, displays about the cause, arts & crafts, and “ask the trainer” services for dog owners.

Paws 4 Peace will serve to educate, inform, and help those who need the humanitarian support offered by the Canadian Red Cross.

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