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Vancouver 2010 Ceremonies Volunteers Needed

Monday, March 9th, 2009 — 9:49am PDT
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The Vancouver 2010 Winter Games and Paralympic Games will be here in less than a year and they’re looking for performance volunteers for the following:

Opening Ceremony – February 12, 2010
Victory Ceremonies – Nightly, February 14-21 and 23-26, 2010
Closing Ceremony – February 28, 2010

From Beijing 2008 – Photo credit: richardgiles on Flickr

Performers will need to apply, attend an audition, and be approved by VANOC however they are looking for individuals with all levels of skill and while production or performing experience is an asset, it is not required (check here for all details including how you must be 17 years or older).

They are looking for athletic types, musicians, vocalists, dancers, non-dancers and performance groups. The preparation for the Games ceremonies begins months in advance and 100s of hours can be contributed, so that’s one thing to keep in mind along with rehearsal dates and times, which will begin in November 2009.

Although tickets to the ceremonies are not included, it does actually seem like something pretty impressive to put on your resume if this is within your chosen field. You can apply now online.

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  1. Michael says:

    This Vancouver 2010 Winter Games organization wants everything for free, yet they will charge people very high prices to attend the events. I can’t believe now they want “performance volunteers”.

    They want volunteers for everything!! It’s people’s time. They should pay them accordingly!!

  2. no tickets? stipend at the very least if there are no wages. these are skilled positions and while on paper it looks like a big break there’s no direct exposure to your individual art/personality/style. this sounds like the music industry and it’s exploitation of the youth for “street teams”.

  3. Jenny says:

    I agree that ticket prices should be lower. They get so much money from sponsors, merchandise, etc.. It would be great if people could actually afford to take their families to events.
    I do however think the performers should be volunteers. It is in the spirit of the games.

  4. If you are a professional performer – definitely yes, you should be paid fairly, however, if you are an amateur or student and wish to simply volunteer for the experience, then go for it and have fun.

    Keep in mind however that volunteering is way more expensive than most people think when you take into account time off work or school to train, transport between training and the event, food, clothing, police checks, etc.

    VANOC started off on the wrong foot a few years ago when they turned the search for a logo into a contest. Artists, which in a sense are performers, felt like their talents were devalued by Olympic organizations.

    Bottom line, if you make your living as an artist or performer you should be paid whether it is the Olympics or not.

    Olympic sponsors, mainstream news media, especially local newspapers, and also product suppliers make a fortune through their association with the Games and often on the back of our community and taxpayers.

    Professional performers should also share proportionately.

  5. Craig says:

    Wait, a volunteer performer has to pay for their entry to the very ceremony they are participating in?

    … I rub my eyes and read again in puzzlement.

  6. Miss604 says:

    @ Craig Volunteers don’t have to pay, it just means they won’t get a seat/ticket in the audience (from what I understand)

  7. Let the Olympic hating begin *sigh*

  8. Jason says:

    I was going to volunteer at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney but then ended up getting a paid job at the games. My friend volunteered and every so often, organizers would offer up tickets to events including closing ceremonies.

    If you have the time, it’s worth volunteering. It’s an amazing spectacle.

  9. […] didn’t get as many volunteers as-needed for the Vancouver 2010 Games ceremonies and are putting the call out again. This time, […]

  10. Guy Gravel says:


    I am coming to Vancouver on February 12 until the end of the month with my friend Sheldon and we would like to be volunteer for the 2010 Olympics. How can I apply or register?


  11. Ivan from Turin 2006 says:

    Hi, I am a volunteer of Turin 2006.
    Being a volunteer is not easy, do not take money and it takes much cold.
    I still remember that magical night, this is the only paid.

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