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Getting The Scoop: NHL Trade Deadline Day 2009

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 — 11:13am PDT
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With countdown clocks, a tag on Twitter, and media staff bulking up to report on one of the biggest days of moving and shaking in the NHL, the trade deadline tomorrow is quite the hot topic on and off line.

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Last night while recording The Crazy Canucks podcast we discussed some moves we’d like to see and how we currently feel about the Canucks roster. Two of my co-hosts, JJ and Alanah, will both be doing live coverage on their sites starting as early at 4:00am Pacific Time. JJ will also be chiming in on the Kelowna radio station 1150am and Alanah will be rocking the trade talks all day long over on her site.

Those two will be my main (and most reliable) sources tomorrow so I’ll be be hanging on their every word on Twitter. JJ is @CanucksHockey and Alanah is @Alanah1. Richard Loat (fellow Canucks Fan Zone blogger) told me he’d be sticking to television (TSN) as well as and I’ll also be following the topic #TradeDeadline or NHLTrade. But my question to you is, where will you be going for your deadline news?

Update: I have imported a live feed from Twitter in the frame below, thanks to Scribble Live, it should refresh with trade deadline updates on its own throughout the day.

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  1. Chris says:

    I generally follow the trades at two websites for breaking news and rumours:

    then I confirm and link from

    (The other sites tend to break the news the fastest)

  2. The link below is a prime example of how I feel about Hockey Buzz, more so about Eklund and his “wealth” of rumors.

  3. TSM says:

    we will be posting updates from around the league tomorrow, hosting a chat tonight too with the Globe and Mail’s Vancouver Canuck beat writer at 6pm Vancouver time

  4. Hosea Cheung says:

    I’ll be live at GM Place for updates and reactions start at about 7 a.m.ish, when it opens. GM Mike Gillis will have a press conference after the deadline, and any new Canucks acquisition will probably be holding conference calls over the phone. My twitter is hosea24hours

  5. Chris Walts says:

    I’m not saying Eklund isn’t over-sensationalized crap most of the time, but he does tend to break things when they do happen faster than TSN

  6. Kev says:

    Team 1040 via the radio plus TSN and sportsnet should cover it.

  7. jr says:

    CBC has a pretty good interactive trade center.

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