Seeing Eye to Eye at the Roundhouse

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goodingWhile barista sounds echoed and suspended canvases along with looping video screens filled the room at Raw Canvas this morning, I sat with actress Christina Gooding to discuss her art-filled charity event, Seeing Eye to Eye.

Seeing Eye to Eye is a charity event for Operation Eyesight on January 14 @ 7:00pm at the Roundhouse Community Centre, Yaletown. Music, art and theatre collide for one night.

Gooding was raised in the Vancouver-area although has spent recent years going to school in New York, where she fell in love with the arts community within the bubbling metropolis. She has performed off-Broadway, on television and is now taking to the silver screen.

While returning to Vancouver for a brief period of time she realized that her contribution to our local scene could be to add some globally-infused excitement, while celebrating the local arts community. She then began planning an event that would bring awareness and attention to a formidable cause, while highlighting and showcasing many talented individuals and cultural genres our region has to offer.

Seeing Eye to Eye will feature performances as well as an art showcase. Musical acts include, Adam Woodall Band, Friends with Liam and Fully Loaded, Squamish singer/songwriter Tessa Amy and The Racoons. The open gallery will highlight work from local artists such as Lindsay Mclennan, Eleanor Rosenberg, Simon Haiduk, Amy Alto and more. The first performance of the evening will be a 10-minute play, Katie and Frank featuring Christina Gooding.

Seeying Eye to Eye takes place tomorrow, January 14th at the Roundhouse with doors at 7:00pm and the play will kick things off at 7:45pm. Tickets are $37 for adults and $22 for 26 years/under and are available on this site or by phone (604) 803-0555.

100% of the ticket sales will go to Operation Eyesight, which is “a Canadian non-profit organization, working since 1963 in places like South Asia and Africa to support local eye doctors, educators and community leaders in their efforts to fight blindness.”

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