Review: MySweetCover Laptop Case

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With gift-giving season in full swing I have been given a few items to try out and review on my site. I have not been paid for these reviews, I have simply been given the items for review to share with my readers.

"MySweetCover" review

A while back I wrote a blog post about laptop bags and the options out there for women who would like to have something comfortable, durable, and yet still stylish. Shortly after I was contacted by the folks at MySweetcover.

“The Sweetcover is designed to protect and add that special something to your computer. Thanks to its exclusive fastening system, this case adapts to the size and shape of all the most recent laptop models, and gives you access to all of the ports and functions in your laptop.”


  • Very lightweight and simple
  • Convenient for meetings
  • It provides insulation and also ventilation
  • It looks pretty slick (and is high-end)
  • Comes in various sizes (ie. 13.3 for my MacBook)
  • For men or women – in smooth leather or croc-style, in a variety of colours
  • Cons:

  • Since the sides are open it may not be the best in rainy weather although the rest of the case is water-resistant
  • It only fits your laptop so for women it can’t double as a purse… although it is small enough to fit in a larger bag.
  • I really like being able to have my purse and laptop case in one, since I’m mostly walking to my meetings or taking the bus so having something extra to carry isn’t very convenient for me right now. Also, walking around with something that’s obviously a laptop might not be very safe as (you can’t tell I have a computer in my purse at all now, really).

    "MySweetcover" review

    However, if I was in an office building, or it was a bright sunny day, I would use Mysweetcover – out and about. I would probably also use it more if I had a car and commuted from home to office, and back again. I do think it’s a great option for most professionals, and you can learn more, view other styles, and order on the MySweetcover website.

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    1. TeresaTuesday, December 9th, 2008 — 11:35pm PST

      There also doesn’t seem to be any pockets for cords or memory cards or…anything. And I don’t like that all the smooth leather ones are in drab, “guy” colors. Maybe I want pink or red but not croc! The quest continues…

    2. Julia AndersonWednesday, December 10th, 2008 — 3:20pm PST

      I got one a few months back from France, and I have to say it is super nice, it is too bad it doesn’t have pockets, but if it did, then it wouldn’t be as exclusive. And I think that the targeted group is more more people that works in an office or writing at a starbucks, but the person who takes the laptop with him/her whereever they go. FINALLY this awesome product has made it to Canada!!

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