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Vancouver CentreIt’s the first of three times I’ll be hitting the polls this fall and even though I didn’t receive my voter card, I called to make sure a) I’m registered b) I know where I need to go.

In case you’re looking to find out where to go, what you need to bring to vote etc. here’s some information that might help since the Elections Canada website has been getting a little overloaded.

  • Polls are open 7:00am to 7:00pm
  • Electoral Districts in Vancouver: Vancouver Centre, Vancouver East, Vancouver Kingsway, Vancouver Quadra, Vancouver South
  • Vancouver Centre polling stations that are downtown (check yours on the website and this may not be all of them): West End Community Centre, Roundhouse in Yaletown, Beatty Street Armories (660 Beatty Street), Chinese Cultural Centre (50 East Pender), St. Andrew’s Wesley Church (1022 Nelson Street), Holiday Inn (1110 Howe Street)
  • Vancouver Centre Candidates
  • Call 1-800-463-6868 if you require urgent information
  • Bring ID: Option 1, Provide one original piece of identification issued by a government or government agency containing your photo, name and address (e.g. driver’s licence). Option 2, Provide two original pieces of identification authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada. Both pieces must contain your name, and one must also contain your address (e.g. health card and hydro bill). Option 3, Swear an oath and be vouched for by an elector who is on the list of electors in the same polling division and who has an acceptable piece or pieces of identification (e.g. a neighbour, your roommate).
  • Although there is an embargo on results coverage in the media out West (since polls will be closing in the East before we’re done over here) I assume the internet – blogs, Twitter – will host discussions tonight. Watching Global News this morning they’ve also been advertising a live blog this evening on their site, which I’ve noticed will be conducted using Cover It Live, liveblogging tool starting at 5:30pm PT.

    At any rate, check the elections Canada website to make sure where you need to be and most importantly, get out there and exercise your democratic right to have a voice in shaping your country.

    As of 8:00pm in the Lower MainlandUpdate: I have now cast my vote. Since I didn’t receive my voter card I had to go to the “Voter Registration” table and show them my license (which is sufficient for ID since it has your name, photo, address). They will then assign you a station where you can go get your ballot and vote – not as scary a process as some may think although make sure you call or check the website if you have any questions or unusual circumstances.

    Update: If you’re looking for results the CBC has an interactive map that is being updated every few seconds.

    The CBC is also going to Twitter spikes in discussions (#canadavotes) by the hour although some of the tweets noted were longer than 130 characters hmmm. If you want to get your thoughts on Harper, Dion or others on the CBC’s live “Twitter” coverage, use hashtag #ormistonvote.

    Update: The top topics on Twitter right now 1) #Canadavotes 2) #gno 3) #ormistonvote 4) #Obama 5)#redsox. You can follow along (without an account) on Summize or follow me @miss604.

    Update: Quick stats – we could have 70 women elected to seats in the house, the highest number in history. On the flip side – possibly the lowest voter turnout, missing 10 million Canadians at the polls. Do you think we’ve been too busy telling Americans to vote in their election, that we forgot about our own?

    Stephane Dion isn’t too happy with CTV (apparently they aired outtakes of an interview with him that didn’t make him look very good) but it’s been a pretty long night, and a tough one for him.

    As of 10:00pm PT - Blue Canada

    The map of Canada is becoming increasingly blue (which stands for the Conservative Party) and although they still have a minority government, most people I’m talking to on Twitter are not too happy about a) the outcome b) the entire election itself (thinking it was a waste of time at this point).

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    1. DowntownWednesday, October 15th, 2008 — 10:18am PDT

      It was really interesting to note that all the highest density locations are liberal, and the least dense are conservative.

      The ridings seem to be horribly skewed as well. The fact that the the BQ have so many ridings (10% with 48 seats vs. GRN 7% with 0 seats) is really irritating – Vancouver center should be broken down into more ridings – we are so dense yet our vote only counts for *one* seat!

      It makes me wonder what the voting outcome would have been if everyone’s individual vote counted.

    2. TERRIFriday, February 19th, 2010 — 7:34am PST

      I’ve ended up searching all over for all of this information. Thankfully I just came across it in Msn.

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