Social Media for Change: Team Diabetes, Run in Fun Places and Raise Funds for a Good Cause

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The Gold Coast, Easter Island, Prague, Dublin and Honolulu; these are all locations of the Team Diabetes marathons, which aim to raise money for the Canadian Diabetes Association.

I went to high school with Candice Chamberland and although it had been ten years since we last spoke she came back on my radar through Facebook and also my blog. She informed me of her Team Diabetes fundraising effort and since then I’ve noticed participants have been sprouting up all over the place to raise funds for this excellent cause. I had the chance to sit down with Candice a few months ago to discuss her campaign and find out more about these Team Diabetes adventures.

Participant: Candice Chamberland – (Check out her new Run Blog)
Marathon Date: July 5, 2009
Marathon Distance: 42kms Full marathon (Half and 10km options)
Location: Gold Coast, Australia (the flattest course)
Reason for running: “My mom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 6 years ago. I only recently just learned that my great-great-grandmother had lost her life to this disease. Recently a close family friend lost his father to his diabetes.”

Struggles so far: The training, it’s basically a lifestyle change you also commit to make in order to get you to the run and complete it.
Fundraising ideas: Have a BBQ or pub night and charge a base admission fee. This would work best if you can get a food sponsor.

While I’m at it, Tanya Davis signed up for the Disney World run in recent months as well.

Participant: Tanya Davis (
Marathon Date: January 10 & 11, 2009
Marathon Distance: Half Marathon (Full Marathon, Half Marathon & Goofy Challenge options)
Location: Disney World, Florida
Fundraising ideas: Tanya is running a contest for cash that you can enter by writing a blog post or pledging. She’s also got corporate sponsorship up for grabs: “Not only do the corporate sponsors get a logo in my sidebar for 6 months (worth $500 on it’s own), and a blog entry to recognize their sponsorship, but they’ve also got a great chance to win their entire donation back, with 21 entries towards the contest.” [NetChick].

Tanya is also going to be organizing a hip bachelorette auction so if you’re a single gal in Vancouver or Victoria be sure to let her know if you’re interested. The guys who donate during this event will also be entered in the cash contest for their pledge.

Her latest incentive is sponsored by Nutrisystem, where you can enter to win 2 months of their product.

All in all, runners (or walkers, as they are allowed on some of the courses) have pledge goals that are tiered in the months leading up to the event. You can pledge a participant here, just enter their first and last name.

Proceeds from the pledges go to support the Canadian Diabetes Association. It’s a phenomenal global effort to get people out and about on this epic journey for the cause.

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  1. RaulWednesday, September 3rd, 2008 — 8:10am PDT

    This is awesome, Rebecca!

    I’ve volunteered to auction myself 🙂 in case Tanya does a boy’s auction! All in hopes that there is more funding for diabetes-related research. I lost my Grandpa to diabetes, and two of my uncles are currently afflicted by the disease.

  2. Tanya (aka NetChick)Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008 — 4:44pm PDT

    Thanks so much for highlighting my contest, and my pledge goals! I’m looking forward to raising (and surpassing my goal of) $4500. Hopefully with a few creative events, and a couple of corporate sponsors, my goal will be achieved!

    Oh, and the whole training part? Freekin’ hard! Phew. I have new respect for long distance runners. Wow.

  3. CandiceWednesday, September 3rd, 2008 — 9:22pm PDT

    Thanks again for help! I am hoping words can get out through this as well and will bring in some much needed help with the massive amount of funds to raise! I still have about $600 at home form various friends that need to be mailed in – so i am reaching my goal – SLOWLY – but it will be done! Oddly enough someone found my blog through Buzz Bishop’s blog a few weeks back and contacted me wanting to donate – how great is the internet! I am also in the process of doing a massive bottle drive – 3 trips to the bottle depot – and i am already up $60! not bad for empty cans & bottles!

    I am having a difficult time training – it really is a lot harder then i thought – so i will be signing up for the half marathon clinic at the running room this fall – and the full marathon a few weeks after that is over. one step at a time.. i cant wait for the cooler weather – really.. who wants to train in 25+ degree weather

  4. LiamWednesday, September 3rd, 2008 — 10:37pm PDT

    Aussie’s would *love* to train in 25+ degree weather … anything less than ~30 degrees is a great day down under 😉

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