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It was almost two years ago that I first met Casey and Benji. We spent an entire evening together when Matt was doing his living room show, I threw a chew toy, Casey would retrieve it, I would get slobber on my hand (while live blogging) and the rest is history.

Photo credit: Keira-Anne on Flickr

These little guys bring so much joy to their family and friends and in their honor my good friend Keira initiated a campaign to raise money for the SPCA’s Paws for a Cause.

Donations to the SPCA help supply the following:
$40 feeds a litter of puppies for eight weeks; $50 feeds a litter of abandoned kittens for one month; $75 neuters one cat; $84 feeds and cares for a cat for one week; $100 neuters one dog; $105 feeds and cares for a dog for one week; $110 spays one cat; $120 covers emergency response for animal rescue for one night; $150 spays one dog; $200 pays for emergency and first aid equipment for our constables; $250 pays for one dental exam; $1,000 provides 20 beds for dogs; $10,000 pays for the investigation and prosecution of one animal cruelty case.

“My unconditional love for my dogs is equal to that felt for my family and dearest friends. I would, without hesitation, sacrifice whatever need be sacrificed to see them healthy and happy, they are that important to me.” – Matthew Good. You can also read Keira’s post here.

The Vancouver event involves a 2.5km walk along with a rally at Vanier Park and there are several more walks taking place across the province. Often in life you make or lose friends and trust is given and taken away – such is not the case with animals. Good luck boys, make Auntie Becky proud!

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