Happy Birthday Dave, Everybody's Favourite Uncleweed

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Hopping into the wayback machine let’s explore late 2005. John had just moved to Canada to be with me and decided to add me on his podcast, RadioZoom as co-host/local expert. At the time he was immersing himself in podcasts and connecting with interesting hosts all over the globe. One person that he had been corresponding with was Dave Olson, who did several podcasts and made appearances on Clubside Breakfast Time. I’d often hear stories from John about the ultimately cool Uncleweed and Cosmo G Spacely.

After meeting in 2006, we ventured out into the hockey podcasting realm in October of that year with the great Uncleweed. Since then it’s been a non-stop adventure with The Crazy Canucks along with our co-hosts JJ and Alanah.

The Crazy Canucks on CKNW talkin' bout Podcasting

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DrupalCamp Vancouver Day Two

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On top of being a mentor in podcasting, Dave is also an inspiration to bloggers having coined the now internet-famous “F*ck Stats Make Art” motto at this year’s Northern Voice conference.

Here is a small sample of Dave’s Podcast and Blog Portfolio (not including his Raincity and happyfrog works): Choogle on with Uncleweed Podcast hi-jinks / Blog, Canucks Outsider Hockey Podcast / Blog, Out n’ About with Uncle Weed Travelin’ man vidcast, Postcards from Gravelly Beach Literature Podcast / Blog, Olympic Outsider Winter Sports-Culture / Blog, Mountain Highway Writer’s Notebook / Blog, Ephemeral Feasthouse Miscellania & Notes

Personally, Dave has always been a great friend to both John and me. He gives straight up advice, helps us cross promote our projects like crazy, and is always there to offer an inspirational word when I feel like the blogging world has got me down. I think what makes Dave even more cool in my books is that he went to high school in Surrey, just like I did. Even though there are a few years between us (I won’t say how many since this is supposed to be a very sweet tribute) we can still reminisce about the old days, the old hood, the things Whalley has seen and where it’s going. We know this place; we’ve formed ourselves through our experiences in Metro Vancouver and I hold his opinion of my site, and its integrity as a local blog, in the highest regard.

Even though we couldn’t get away to camp with Dave this weekend we’ve enjoyed many good times like watching the Canucks, talking Whalley Little League, promoting green living, playing golf, and most recently hiking in Lynn Valley.

It’s today that I raise a pint of tasty fermented beverage in honor of my bro Dave’s birthday. Here’s to many more years of grassroots media making and good times on and off the grid.

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  1. RaulSaturday, August 16th, 2008 — 6:43pm PDT

    Happy birthday to Uncle Weed :), DaveO

    Dave, you are an inspiration, a true friend and an outstanding social media expert. Just today I was watching the Lab with Leo segment you taped. You are a STAR!

    Great entry Rebecca 🙂 … now off I go to wish him happy birthday myself!

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  3. PhaedraSaturday, August 16th, 2008 — 8:14pm PDT

    Happy birthday Dave. Though I have only met you once, I know you and I share a few common interests, as well as friends. Enjoy your day!

  4. Keira-AnneSaturday, August 16th, 2008 — 8:54pm PDT

    Happy Birthday to a gem of a guy! Many more, Dave…

  5. DaveOMonday, August 18th, 2008 — 6:14pm PDT

    What a treat to find this lovely present under the festivus tree! Thanks mucho for your kind words – the feelings are truly mutual. I’m totally proud of all the rad projects we’ve busted out over the past couple of years and stoked for many more fersure. Makes me quite happy to know you enjoy all the hi-jinks i post on the tubes.

    Raul, Phaedra, Keira-Anne – i forward to the time i can hoist a preferred libation in person with each of you. I’m indeed fortunate to know such talented and remarkable folks.

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  7. JordanTuesday, August 19th, 2008 — 2:53pm PDT

    I have to agree with all this Dave O hype. He’s the genuine article.

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