Happy 4th of July

Friday, July 4th, 2008 — 9:00am PDT
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America is pretty much my country-in-law. I married into America and it gave me a job and housed me during my stint in Boston a few years back.

iowa rest stop

In fact, America has always been rather nice to me and I think the nicest gift it ever gave me was my best friend and love of my life, John.

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Happy 4th of July to all the American Bollwitts out there and everyone else – may it be filled with hot dogs, apple pie, and baseball – lots and lots of baseball.

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  1. Raul says:

    Happy 4th of July to John Bollwitt, his family and all the nice Americans out there ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. fotoeins says:

    In a similar way, the 3 years I spent in Minneapolis were a tremendously positive experience. Never did get to a Steak-n’-Shake though … )-;

  3. riza says:

    it never fails – every fourth of july I’ve spent in Canada my mom calls to say “happy fourth of july” and asks the same question : do they do anything up there for the fourth? do you have the day off?
    I sadly explain that no, they don’t do anything mom, but not because they don’t want to, because it’s a different country.

  4. Charlene says:

    That is so sweet! Happy 4th of July to your husband and his family. I saw you on the evening news last night and watched the clip with Carvey on the Letterman show. You’re becoming a bit of a local celebrity. I owned a condo out in Surrey about 12 years ago. I got so tired of hearing the stereotypical Surrey jokes whenever I told anyone where I lived. Those jokes are so old and tired and should have been put to bed long ago. Sure there’s dirt bags ,etc. out there, but that’s everywhere, whether it be the Westend where we live, or any other municipality in the GVRD.

  5. Mom604 says:

    Enjoy your 4th of July, Becks and John. (and John’s terrific family)

    Also, Happy 4th of July to riza.

    @ charlene: well said!

  6. Colin Clarke says:

    I married into America as well. My wife is from Southern Illinois, so happy fourth to John and family!

  7. […] On the fourth of July I usually write a post on my site paying tribute to our neighbours to the south, across the largest unguarded border in the world [2006] [2008]. […]

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