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Karen Hamilton – I have not had the pleasure of meeting Karen although she runs one of the most successful food blogs in the city. With beautiful photos to accompany her reviews and comments, she’s truly a frontrunner when it comes to recipes and recommendations.

Karen will be mobile during Blogathon and you can follow her ‘game plan‘ on her site.

Karen’s website: Tiny Bites
Karen’s cause: Davie Suzuki Foundation
Karen’s Blogathon motivation: “While the coherence of my posts will likely deteriorate as I near the finish line, I do hope that I’ll be filling your screen up with true content and not sleep-deprived gibberish. There will be posts dedicated to the David Suzuki Foundation and its programs. Many of the posts will attempt to be relevant to regular readers of Tiny Bites.” [TinyBites]

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  1. KarenSunday, July 27th, 2008 — 9:32am PDT

    Hi Rebecca,

    We shall meet one day (soon I hope)! Turns out that we both know Mike of; I went to university with him. He was actually the guy that taught me a lot of what I know now about web design and programming.

    Thanks for profiling Tiny Bites!

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