Blogathon Vancouver 2008: "H" is for Haunted Hotel Vancouver

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At one point in time it was the tallest and most majestic structure in the city. Now the Hotel Vancouver (err… Fairmont Hotel Vancouver) is a classic symbol of our young history. Along with tales of statesmen and royalty walking its halls comes the story of the Lady in Red, usually shared around Halloween as this mysterious scarlet femme is not of the living.

The “Hotel Van” is infamous in the local Vancouver community for being the supposed residence of a fashionable apparition named the “Lady in Red”. This ghostly figure is said to glide along the 14th floor of the hotel, and has allegedly been seen by many a hotel guest and employee. [HotelChatter]

Hotel Vancouver, a well-known landmark recognized by its copper roof and gargoyles, is believed to be haunted by a lady dressed in red. Guests and employees have seen this elegant lady walking on an invisible ledge. The hotel’s elevator often makes an unscheduled stop on the 14th floor. When the doors open, this same lady appears to be floating along the hallway. [Suite101]

Back in the 1940s, a lady by the name of Jennie Pearl Cox was a regular at the Fairmont Hotel’s ballroom. Tragically, she was killed in a car crash outside the hotel in 1944. She died in her favorite outfit, an elegant red dress.

Her ghost has been seen on the 14th floor of the hotel where she causes the elevator to make unscheduled stops and is seen gliding down the hallways, her long red dress flowing behind her. [ScaryForKids]

I’m fairly certain these stories might even enhance the allure of the hotel as there are many people out there who would pay good money for a chance to meet the Lady in Red. I for one have never ventured into any part of the hotel but even the presence of these rumours makes goose bumps appear on my arms as I type this.

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  1. fotoeinsSaturday, July 26th, 2008 — 11:06pm PDT


    Despite the construction of taller towers and heaven-reaching high-rises in the last couple of decades, seeing the green-topped roof on one of the classic “Canadian Pacific” hotels is one of the few images which, to my last breath, I will always associate with Vancouver.

    As for Jennie, hasn’t anyone tried to figure out whether she just needs some closure?

  2. Tyler IngramSunday, July 27th, 2008 — 7:51am PDT

    I can see the Green Roof from where I am here in the West End. I want to visit the 14th floor though. Be interesting to see or experience an area with a ghost!

  3. AshleyThursday, September 25th, 2008 — 5:14pm PDT

    That gives me an idea for a Halloween Costume!

  4. Brian DSunday, March 15th, 2009 — 10:13pm PDT

    My wife and I who are local Vancouverites decided to stay in the “Hotel Vancouver” last night and it was just a treat. We had always wanted to stay there for its architecture, ambiance and elegance it has been known for since the 30’s. Now, as for the haunting. My wife is easily spooked so when “I” the history buff questioned the staff about odd occurances at the hotel and its notable history….I was told of the “Lady in Red” First off, we did not see her but I will be clear when I say the hallways are eeriely occupied by some presence or another. We were on the 11th floor and after an evening stroll, we returned with our 3 months old son. Now lastly, I would never overstate something like this and now that we are at home ‘safe’ hahah, and out of there I started researching the ‘hauntings’there. Ready, K. We entered the elevator alone bout 11pm…and the tenth floor was lit up. We then inserted out card and the 10th floor vanished, then my wife looked at me funny, I shrugged it off and pressed the 11th floor where our room was and the 11th and 10th lit up again. once we started moving the 10th floor vanished again and we did stop on the 10th floor. Elevator malfunction or Ghost? You be the Judge!

  5. LukasTuesday, May 19th, 2009 — 1:37pm PDT

    I have a similar story about the elevators at the fairmont.
    My girlfriend and i went out for dinner in Vancouver. And as we were driving home, we decided to go and visit the fairmont by night, since we heard stories about it being haunted.
    When you are not a guest at the hotel, you are not able to go higher then the 1st floor. You would need a card for that.
    Anyways, we decided to step into the elevator anyway. The doors closed. and after a while the elevator would go up to the 10th floor all by itself… as we stepped out of the elevator there was nobody in sight who could have called the lift up there. we stepped back inside, cause you can get stuck up there. Without a card you wont be able to call the elevator back.
    We pressed the button for the 1st or 2nd floor cant really remember. As we were back on the bottom we missed to step outside, so the door closed again. i tried to open the doors with the button. But it wouldnt open, instead the elevator would take us back onto the 10th floor. Was kinda weird… after all we ended up in the lobby again.
    So as Brian mentioned… ghost or elevator malfunction? you be the judge 😉

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