Techvibes Job Fair, Launch Party Vancouver and VIDFEST Kickoff Gala

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 — 10:54am PDT
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Sometimes I think I lead a busy life in social media because I have three to four events a week. Well I must be reaching some kind of new face-melting plateau because tonight I have somehow booked myself into three events… just tonight. Here’s the scoop:

Ever wonder where you can find job listings in Techcouver that don’t involve painful browsing of Craigslist and feature the words “adult” and “industry”? Techvibes has been the place to go for years and they’re reaching out this afternoon, hosting a career fair at Republic (958 Granville St).

Various Vancouver startups have signed on to give quick 5 minute pitches to potential candidates who will then be able to network and find out more about these eligible and exciting companies:

  • Danny Robinson – Strutta
  • Dan Gibbons – Carrie and Danielle, Inc.
  • Amielle Lake – Tagga
  • Jonathan Ehrlich – Live Current
  • Jonathan Yapp – Vibrant Software
  • Chis Breikss – 6S Marketing
  • Derek Whyte and Mark Starkey – FCV Technologies
  • Dimitri Sirota – Layer 7 Technology
  • Bret Conklin – FundFindr
  • Raymond To – GO Recruitment
  • You can find more information on the Facebook event and things kick off at 3:00pm.

    Photo credit: Phillip’s Launch Party3 Set on Flickr

    Following the Techvibes Career Fair is Launch Party Vancouver 4, which is a chance for startup companies to mix and mingle with potential investors, while spreading their news and buzz amongst the social media gurus of Vancouver. [LPV1, LPV2, LPV3]

    These companies will be giving demos, displaying their wares, and hopefully handing out swag – swag rules!:

  • FitBrains
  • Strutta
  • Scrnshots
  • FundFindr
  • CellMap
  • InHabit Street
  • Lunches with Lyal (I’m rather excited about this one)
  • HelloTree
  • More info is available on the Facebook event and this will take place at 5:30pm following the career fair.

    My final destination this evening will be the Vancouver Art Gallery for the official kickoff of VIDFEST. Since I’m speaking tomorrow at Convergence (a part of VIDFEST) I get a pass for all these cool parties, although I have one confession – I’ve never been to the VAG. Not once. Never. I’ve never been a tourist in my hometown and have never taken part in the cheapie Tuesdays where they let you in by donation. I’m looking forward to participating this evening, picking up my conference pass and checking out the latest exhibit, Krazy! (the delirious world of anime, comics, video games, art).

    The VIDFEST conferences start tomorrow on Granville Island, check the site for a full rundown and be sure to stop by our panel during Convergence 2008.

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    Update: If you would like to follow along with all the Twitters about VIDFEST tomorrow, you can follow this feed which is pulling in Tweets tagged as #VIDFEST.

    Current contests on

    • Enter here to win tickets to the Coquitlam Express hockey games this weekend (until Sept 20)
    • Enter here to win tickets to the Snowbird RV Show and Sale (until Sept 18)
    • Enter here to win tickets to Le Concert Spirituel Baroque Orchestra Suites (until Sept 19)
    • Enter here to win passes to Science World to see the new Cats and Dogs exhibition (until Sept 18)
    • Enter here to win an Oktoberfest at at the Alpen Club prize pack (until Sept 19)
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    1. Raul says:

      Thanks for the link love! I am kind of having a grumpy morning, but the thought of seeing you throughout three events in a row makes my day MUCH brighter ๐Ÿ™‚ Good morning!

    2. Hez says:

      Ooh! Hez gots a link for you, too. See you tonight!

    3. Marina says:

      Wow. It’s a busy week indeed!

      Looking forward to your thoughts on Krazy! Planning on checking this out next week!

    4. Great seeing you again at the event. Wish I could have stayed longer and chatted a bit. Busy, busy. See you at the next big thing.

    5. […] I had heard rave reviews about these parties, particularly from our local blogging powerhouse Rebecc… and knew that many of my friends would show up, so I couldn’t miss it. Besides, it is a rare occasion that I get to see many of my blogosphere folks two or three times in a row in the same week (I hope they don’t get tired of me by the time Saturday comes, as I was planning to organize a brunch this weekend!). […]

    6. […] a side note, I was also interviewed by Fundfindr at the VIDFEST opening gala party at the Vancouver Art Gallery. You can view the clip which is entitled, “Bloggin from the […]

    7. […] had the chance to talk to two guys from the Vancouver-based FitBrains (developed by Vivity Labs) at the last Launch Party in Vancouver and they seemed to have everything down to a science – and rightfully so. The games offer a […]

    8. […] Park was produced by the folks at CellMap Inc., whom I’ve heard of thanks to various tech events around town. It features a very basic map of Stanley Park along with video highlights of several […]

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