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Food Bank and Surrey Love

Comments 2 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Checking in this evening on some local non-profits, I found out about the following event coming up this month that will help raise funds for the Surrey Food Bank: Universal Cultural Society of Canada is hosting their second annual Holi Festival of Colours to Eliminate Racism. “Celebrating the colours of life for the elimination of […]

Mental Auto-Complete and Shortcuts

Comments 10 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I sometimes find that my fingers go faster on he keyboard than my brain can spew out thoughts. I’m often auto-completing words that begin the same as a frequently typed word I’m thinking about, but in the end – they end up as typos. Example: Chick Flick becomes Chick Flickr, Dance becomes Duane. Such a […]

Guildford Mall Facelift, Is an Apple Store on the Horizon for Surrey

Comments 14 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Being one of the best new blogs around, Paul’s Civic Surrey has been capturing and detailing several new development and construction projects in the city. One post that recently caught my attention was the major overhaul and facelift for Guildford Town Centre: The Mall is going to get a 414,100 sq. ft. retail expansion – […]

Sunday Night Link Fest: Registration Edition

Comments 5 by Rebecca Bollwitt

The cherry blossoms are already revealing themselves around the city, and it’s only March. Vancouverites are also gearing up early for the many events, relays and fundraisers that will be taking place this spring and summer. The following is a special Sunday night link fest, although I assume most will find this in their feeds […]

The Style Spy's Fabulous Life Event

Comments 4 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I’ve never been a girlie girl by any means. I know designers, what’s “trendy” etc. but mostly due to my own personal style, attitude and honestly – budget – I’ve never been on the cutting edge. Over the last few years that best I could do was learn to dress for my body type. It’s […]