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Vancouver History: Random History Bites

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This morning’s dose of random history bites is courtesy of In 1988: Point Roberts, the little tip of Washington State that’s accessible by land only through BC, finally got its own US-based telephone service. B.C. Tel had been serving the area up until this year. In 1958: Under construction, the Second Narrows Bridge collapsed […]

Back in a matter of Whiles

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This afternoon as I was skipping across a street in Surrey something popped off my bag and bounced to the ground with a metallic *tick*. No cars were coming so I turned about and noticed it was my Surrey button that had unhooked itself and leapt from its perch next to the others. As much […]

Twitter Colour Wars

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A while back anyone using the popular microblogging tool Twitter may have noticed that their contact’s avatars sported some peas. This was in support of the Susan Reynolds and the Frozen Pea Fund, and was actually for a good cause. Now a new trend has surfaced in recent days that has Twitter users pitted against […]

Thursday Morning Link Fest: Long Weekend Warmup

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I think the last time I only posted a single post within a 48 hour period was either when we were in Iowa last fall or some time in 2006. This cough, cold, insomnia and crippling fever have really thrown me for a loop, however I’m on the road to recovery just in time for […]

Vancouver History: Cyclone Taylor

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Photo Credit: Joe Pelletier’sGreatest Hockey Legends I was recently inspired to write another post of this nature based on how I was able to enlighten folks to the fact that there was much more to Joe Fortes than an oyster bar. Whenever I hear the ad for Cyclone Taylor Sports on morning radio it gets […]