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Comments 7 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I can see this being popular with those who have pets, my goodness the hilarity that may ensue. However tonight I decided to Blabberize Duane, while John looked on.

Thanks to Alan Levine’s session at Northern Voice about 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story, I’ve been tinkering with some of his suggested media tools. Here’s what I managed to accomplish tonight while scooping a photo of Duane from his Flickr, and reading one of his blog posts verbatim.

As I said in the notes of this Blabber… hopefully next time this won’t be entirely unfunny, but at least I now know what I’m doing.

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  1. JohnMonday, March 3rd, 2008 — 11:19pm PST

    Does this make me “internet famous” now? I might need to get a t-shirt made.

    When did you get a southern(ish) accent? Or did you recently watch Forrest Gump? :p

  2. KrissyMonday, March 3rd, 2008 — 11:21pm PST

    I loved the dramatic pause! Very funny!

  3. Miss604Monday, March 3rd, 2008 — 11:21pm PST

    @ John – I actually did watch FG recently, and I know the entire movie by heart. But um, I was trying to be silly and disguise my voice – you guessed it was me! You win! 😛

  4. phaedraTuesday, March 4th, 2008 — 6:59am PST

    hahaha awesome!

  5. Duane StoreyTuesday, March 4th, 2008 — 10:51am PST

    I’ve been.. BLABBERIZED

  6. GreggTuesday, March 4th, 2008 — 11:07am PST

    I Blabberized my wife when I saw a post about it during NV… it’s one of those iffy things where I didn’t know if she’d laugh or hit me.

    I survived.

  7. Alan LevineWednesday, March 5th, 2008 — 6:25am PST

    Hee hee, I never even thought about the weirdness of putting other voices in Blabberize. I still am reaching for a genuine use for this tool, but something about it’s sheer silly cheesiness makes it disturbingly compelling.

    Maybe someone will start BlabberBlogging- all posts done in Blabberize. No dont do that, please, no.

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