What is a Strutta and is the game on yet?

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Ever since last summer at BarCamp, or maybe even before that, there’s been a buzz around town about Strutta. They’ve hosted all of the Launch Party events so far and even supplied me with one of my best-fitting t-shirts to date back in November. But just what exactly is Strutta?

Top secret Strutta demosLast night they held an event for some of their closest and most trusted friends and colleagues, however they were sure to write some rules of conduct on the white board in the corner, “…Feel free to blog what you see tonight….but….”.

First things first, the Strutta crew is comprised of many hard working people like Danny Robinson, Maura Rogers, Lyal Avery, Jordan Behan, Alexa Booth, and all those brainiacs behind the scenes that don’t get website bios with a clever headshot.

I’ve known Jordan since his TellTenFriends days and have come to know Maura over the course of the Launch Party series (and I think they’re both pretty great, especially since Maura is originally from Massachusetts). Lyal and Alexa are also always to fun to bump into at events around town. So now that we have the people covered, here’s what they’ve been up to.


With Strutta you’ll be able to view, upload or record videos on the spot but that’s all a part of something a little bigger. The idea is to participate in games, and your video is your entry into that game. Do you have the best celebrity impersonation? Record or upload your video and allow others on Strutta to say if yes, you are the best OR they can submit their own video and try to outdo and outrank you. Think YouTube, meets Hot or Not, meets Digg but it’s more sophisticated than that, and what they have so far looks really slick. It’s also complete with many more functions (which I cannot divulge) and there are some key components to the UI that make it sleek, smooth, and just plain clever in its design.

The Strutta folks aren’t quite ready to release to the world but the shroud of secrecy will slowly be lifted over the next few weeks. There are bugs to fix, and kinks to iron out, but this is all a natural progression and will add even more value to their product when it’s ready to launch. Watch for a post on their blog from Jordan, including some screenshots and I gotta hand it to these guys, the parties, the fab Gastown office with the amazing mountain view, and now they’ll have a great product to boot.

Update:Top secret super screenshot!

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  2. JordanFriday, February 29th, 2008 — 1:40pm PST

    Thanks very much for coming last night, and for being among the first few people to try out the site and tell the world about what we’re up to.

    I’ll get you a game page screenshot toute de suite, I swear 🙂

  3. Alexa BoothFriday, February 29th, 2008 — 4:42pm PST

    Great writeup, thanks for coming out 😀

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  5. kk+Sunday, March 2nd, 2008 — 2:46pm PST

    glad you didn’t live blog the whole event.


  6. JordanMonday, March 3rd, 2008 — 11:32am PST

    Yeah, kk+ I agree. Some Rockband performances should just never see the light of day.

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