Free Birthday Stuff in Vancouver Part 2

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What’s better than your husband, with all his media connections, getting you up to the Jim Robson Brodacast Gondola at GM Place?

The “Voice of the Vancouver Canucks” and me – Photo credit: John Bollwitt on Flickr

Having him take your photo with John Shorthouse and Tommy Larscheid – that’s what.

But back to the real theme of this entry… Last year I initiated a “Free Cause it’s Your Birthday” post in Vancouver, to which anyone could add any establishment they knew of that gave you free stuff for your birthday. Well this year, I’m putting it all to the test. Throughout the day today I’m going to travel to various restaurants to collect my free loot. Watch for updates as they’ll be time-stamped starting with my free breakfast at Denny’s.

Update: 6:40am – Just going through last year’s list there are a lot of free desserts out there but I’m determined to find more cause well, it’s my duty as the kind of blogger I am AND I’m a cheapskate. I just got a “Happy Birthday” email from 99.3 The Fox’s Morning Show. They sent me 10,000 club points (whatever those are) and a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert at Players Chophouse. Since John and I have dinner plans, I may have to make this my lunchtime destination.

free denny's meal Update: 8:00am – Success at Denny’s. It’s fun getting ID’d for breakfast hehe. Here’s the meal I enjoyed and could not finish cause it was just TOO much food.

Update: 8:30am – Forgot that Old Spaghetti Factory will give you a free meal on your birthday as well. Check last year’s post as many places in Vancouver just offer desserts. Also, Mr. Sub apparently gives you a free birthday sub – not sure of the size or where you can get the coupons (tried looking online).

Update: 10:00am – Just tried Blenz in Yaletown, “Yes, Blenz does give out a free birthday beverage of your choice… just not this location.” Pffft!

Update: 1:30pm – Okay so I couldn’t find any place that would give me a free lunch BUT I do work with a great group of guys that covered my meal today at Honjinthanks guys!

Update: 3:15pm – Was just on 95 Crave with Buzz. Gonna try another Blenz on the way home and maybe tonight, if I’m good, I can get my free scoop from Mondo Gelato.

Update: 6:00pm – I contacted Blenz via their corporate site to get more info. Just to clear things up, the company’s tradition is a free bevvie on your birthday however, many Blenz locations are franchised so it’s up to the franchisee if they choose to honor this. So FYI, the one in Yaletown is a no go, but a couple up and down Robson will be more than happy to celebrate your birthday with you – just inquire at store level. Thanks to Blenz regardless for replying to my inquiry.

Update Please note this post was composed January 9th, 2008. This post does not guarantee that there are in fact birthday specials at any of the establishments above. I would recommend you call ahead to check if the restaurant does offer a birthday special.

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  1. BethWednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 12:53am PST

    I’m insanely jealous right now! I was listening to Shorty and Larscheid tonight – who knew you were up there with them. SO. JEALOUS!

    It’s my birthday on Friday… so I’m really looking forward to your post on free birthday stuff!

  2. Tyler IngramWednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 6:26am PST

    Aww I’ve already had my birthday and I didn’t get any thing free! Where is my free birthday love? lol

    Am I to assume it’s your birthday Rebecca?

  3. Miss604Wednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 6:48am PST

    Yes Tyler, tis. I’m going to head to Blenz after Denny’s for my free beverage of choice.

  4. AmyWednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 7:01am PST

    I’ve been waiting all year to get my free iced mocha from Blenz!

    Happy Birthday lady!

  5. Mom-in-LawWednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 7:13am PST

    ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

  6. fotoeinsWednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 7:49am PST

    From the sun, beach, and the southern summer on this side of the globe: happy birthday, Beck.

  7. JennyWednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 9:49am PST

    I remember when Mom brought you home from the hospital and introduced you to James and I. We said ‘ya ya , anyway, next time can Dad go to the hospital to have the baby. Mom cooks better food’. We didn’t like beans but we like you A LOT.

  8. carol browneWednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 11:09am PST

    Happy Birthday. That cracks me up – I didn’t really think businesses did that stuff anymore.

  9. PatZWednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 11:52am PST

    happy birthday! but really, who gets up before 7am on their brithday?

  10. Tyler IngramWednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 1:00pm PST

    Happy Birthday Rebecca! Denny’s for food? lol I can’t remember the last time I went to a Denny’s.

  11. Duane StoreyWednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 1:02pm PST

    Happy Birthday! If you show me your ID today, I’ll gived you a little stuffed cougar.

  12. Miss604Wednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 1:55pm PST

    @Duane – I AM a little stuffed cougar after all these meals!

  13. Chris MagnussonWednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 2:23pm PST

    Happy Birthday, Rebecca! I sang you Happy Birthday on twitter but that was likely a little off-key. Sorry. 😳

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  16. RaulWednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 7:33pm PST

    ¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Rebecca!

    Todo lo mejor del mundo en este día y en el futuro (all the best in the world today and in the future). Disfruta de tu día con tus seres amados (enjoy your birthday with your loved ones).

    Abrazos (hugs) Raul 🙂

  17. mom604Wednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 7:40pm PST

    I just read Keira-Anne’s blog honoring your birthday. It was beautiful, just like your friendship. It made me cry.

    I have already said it, but “Happy Birthday, Cubby”. See you Sunday for Black Forest Cake (what else?!) Alles gutes zum Geburtstag!


  18. AntonWednesday, January 9th, 2008 — 8:52pm PST

    belated happy birthday!

  19. DanThursday, January 10th, 2008 — 11:05am PST

    Happiest of birthdays!!

  20. aPaYThursday, January 10th, 2008 — 1:01pm PST

    I know I’m a day late…..we’re slow in Terranna.

    I don’t get anything free on my birthday….unless you count the joy of watching others open presents on your birthday….. or all the “Merry Birthday”‘s you can handle!

  21. LeighThursday, January 10th, 2008 — 1:56pm PST

    Happy Birthday!

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  26. miyukiWednesday, June 18th, 2008 — 4:42pm PDT

    Hi! This is an awesome webcite! I didn’t know the old spagatti factory and blenz give us free stuff on BD! My BD is just coping up,,this Friday, 20th of June!;) But I am having a mid term tomorrow and on Friday, I gotta hand in a paper-_- I still try to go blenz tho!

  27. Wiebe de JongWednesday, June 25th, 2008 — 11:48am PDT

    I was looking forward to my free Blenz coffee today, but the Robson & Burrard location thought I was trying to scam them or something. 🙁

  28. TiannaTuesday, August 5th, 2008 — 12:55pm PDT

    Free movie the thursday after your birthday at tinsel town

  29. JSunday, November 9th, 2008 — 3:07pm PST

    There’s not as much free deals for my birthday this November as you found!!

    TGIFridays in Eaton Centre only gives birthday dessert, as I phoned today, and the Old Spaghetti Factory in Richmond doesn’t give a free meal either. A Blenz in Richmond doesn’t give a free drink, and Rogers laughed when I asked if they give a free video rental.

    Good ol’ faithful Denny’s however has sure been consistently giving birthday meals if you have at least one other person ordering, and order 2 drinks according to their website.

  30. aclWednesday, December 3rd, 2008 — 2:43pm PST

    I just found this for my birthday! If you sign up to Aveda’s mailing list (website or in store), they will email you a birthday card for a pampering– good for any day the month of your birthday:
    A cup of tea, hand massage, lip colour, and a free $10 gift card!
    Happy 2009!

  31. BlairTuesday, January 6th, 2009 — 3:33pm PST

    By the way, Denny’s will give a free MEAL (anytime of day) with the purchase of another. It doesn’t have to be breakfast.

    I see you’re b’day is coming up again. Mine is tomorrow. Happy B’day!

  32. DavinaSunday, March 22nd, 2009 — 12:32pm PDT

    I’m finding out that many places no longer offer Free Birthday Stuff. Most years my birthday comes and goes and I forget about these options.

    My birthday is in 2 weeks and I thought I’d be smart this year and find out ahead of time what the options are. Had visions of going for a free breakfast at Denny’s or a free burger at Red Robin, ice cream at Mondo Gelato and a coffee at Blenz. Then there was the option of a free movie at Tinsletown or free movie rental at Roger’s. I had it all planned. Good thing I’m calling ahead first…

    No more free ice cream at Mondo Gelato’s, no free movies at either Tinsletown or Roger’s. Of course with Denny’s you have to order another meal to take advantage and I’m assuming that the same goes for Red Robin. But… I only just signed up with them online so have to wait for the coupon. Haven’t called Blenz yet… but it is only a cup of coffee so I’m not that motivated by that one. Darnt it!

  33. CarolineSunday, April 5th, 2009 — 6:43pm PDT

    Yup… so everyone says, and it is true. I called 3 locations of Spaghetti factory, and they no longer offer the free birthday meal. Too bad! 🙁 Denny’s still offers a free birthday meal, which I took advantage of this morning! 🙂

  34. CibouletteFriday, May 1st, 2009 — 12:14am PDT

    I conducted a little survey of 9 Blenz locations downtown (mostly along Burrard, Denman, Davie and Granville) and the 3 that honoured my free b-day drink were:
    -Robson @ Burrard,
    -Robson @ Cardero
    -Granville & Dunsmuir.
    Denny’s will give you a free meal if you buy another and 2 drinks, so not so free. Mondo Gelato don’t offer free scoop anymore.

  35. CibouletteFriday, May 1st, 2009 — 12:14am PDT

    I conducted a little survey of 9 Blenz locations downtown (mostly along Burrard, Denman, Davie and Granville) and the 3 that honoured my free b-day drink were:
    -Robson @ Burrard,
    -Robson @ Cardero
    -Granville & Dunsmuir.
    Denny’s will give you a free meal if you buy another and 2 drinks, so not so free. Mondo Gelato doesn’t offer a free scoop anymore. 🙁

  36. JodyThursday, July 2nd, 2009 — 9:14am PDT

    Free birthday dessert at Yaletown Brew Pub.

  37. CocoMonday, September 28th, 2009 — 4:45pm PDT

    Just called the Old Spaghetti Factory. They said “You won’t eat free but we’ll definitely sing to you.” Nice.

  38. LynnThursday, October 8th, 2009 — 12:59am PDT

    This was good to know…will be making soma calls…thanx guys! My B-day’s next week

  39. JocelynTuesday, February 2nd, 2010 — 4:47pm PST

    Just to add to your list most tanning places offer a FREE tan on your B-Day.

  40. janiceThursday, March 25th, 2010 — 6:38am PDT

    It’s my birthday today and I googled where to get free birthday drinks in vancouver and your blog popped up. So cool. Section 3 will give you a free drink if you sign up on their website.

  41. janiceThursday, March 25th, 2010 — 6:45am PDT

    Also Tom’s video on Grandview Hwy at Renfrew will give you a free video if you’re a member.

  42. freeloaderSaturday, June 12th, 2010 — 11:29pm PDT

    If you are around Richmond, sign up for Pajo’s fish n chips email mailing list, and they give you free fish n chips of your choice with the printout voucher that must redeemed on the day of your birthday. There are two locations…one at the pier, and one at Garry Point. I haven’t tried hitting up both places yet…i will next month on my birthday! Unlike Denny’s, you can redeem this flyin solo.

    Any other suggestions? Thanks for the tips…and thanks for starting this blog topic! ps. Janice…lol@tom’s free video 😛

  43. freeloaderSaturday, June 12th, 2010 — 11:31pm PDT

    oh yeah…one that i forgot to mention was signing up for vera’s burgers mailing list. not sure what you get (yet), but i’m assuming it’s a burger

  44. HihiSaturday, October 16th, 2010 — 11:40pm PDT

    called OSF today and they don’t offer anything for free, no free desserts either, they said they will sing but that’s it. I know a lot of other restaurants downtown Vancouver still offers free dessert (like a $8 cake or something) if you eat at the restaurant. Joe Fortes offers it but tell your server before hand.

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