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We have 4 hours to sleep, 3 hours to drive, 3 airplanes to connect, 1 piece of luggage to check that hopefully doesn’t end up in Dallas and a total of 6 hours to fly before we touch down in the Pacific Northwest tomorrow afternoon.

It’s been too short, time has flied, and we’re really wishing we could have taken two weeks off instead of one. John’s up playing Madden on PS2 with his nephew so I thought I’d finish writing this out.

window display

Today we walked around ‘downtown’ for a bit. I got a tour of John’s parents’ business, the community centre that had Christmas trees all setup by local businesses, took a walk to Riverside Gardens, and got to spend the entire day hanging out with my Bollwitt family – which included losing terribly at a card game.

LAN party!

I got to taste a different type of Thanksgiving meal, with corn casserole, Josie’s famous green beans and sweet potatoes and finished nicely with pecan and chocolate silk pies from Perkins – rounding out the meal, and probably my waist line.

riverside gardens

John’s family is starting to feel more and more like my family and I’m continually amazed at how strong they are, together and as individuals. I also know they’re probably all reading this right now so I’ll try not to butter them up too much, even though we won’t be seeing them again for a while… and we owe them all a lot more than a sappy mention on a blog post. We’re really hoping to get some of them up to Vancouver, I know in particular John misses his nieces and nephews dearly. He talks about them often and schemes almost every week, plotting to “steal” one of them away to Canada for a visit.

john and his nephew... nice tuque!

We’re leaving the house in about 5 hours so I best get to bed, maybe I’ll post an update for the road but we’ll be napping every chance we get. Might check in again when we reach SeaTac as we have a bit of a layover until we get the flight home. We’ll take that time to see if we can make sure our luggage made it to the coast with us, and to hit up one of those fine brew pubs we spotted in the airport when we left. Bye bye Iowa.

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  1. Mom604Friday, November 23rd, 2007 — 8:04am PST

    I am not a Bollwitt, but you sure brought tears to MY eyes. (See, this is why I miss my little Becks when she is away). I can’t wait to pick you kids up at the airport later today, although you did pick the worst day of the year for me to drive across the border…but definitely worth the effort!

  2. nancy (aka money coach)Friday, November 23rd, 2007 — 11:26am PST

    I’ve loved these posts, Rebecca. In Canada we have such a hate-on for the us, a lot of the time, that we forget the stuff that is absolutely wonderful – the Chrysler Building. The midwest. Aaron Copeland. I could go on… anyway, your images and comments all bring out the stuff I love about the states.

  3. Big Bro(in-law)Thursday, December 6th, 2007 — 8:48am PST

    “We’ll take that time to see if we can make sure our luggage made it to the coast with us”
    – I think I heard the luggage made it. Hope my company didn’t crush it.

    “we owe them all a lot more than a sappy mention on a blog post”
    – You captured far more than that. Thanks for the post. BTW, Alex will take an invite to ski anytime you like to send it. He’s conquered the “Mississippi Mountains”.

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