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Saturday, October 20th, 2007 — 11:46am PDT
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It must have happened with bacn but since I got on TechBurgh‘s radar I’ve had a little window in the social networking community that is alive and well in Pittsburgh. As it turns out, I’ve been named their Weekly Tech Girl, which is pretty great.

nerdy tshirt 2 Favorite thing about technology in general: It makes life easier and has allowed me to have an excuse for being nerdy, thus making me cool in this day and age… even though I just used the word ‘thus’. [Weekly Tech Girl – TechBurgh]

If you have a chance check out their blog and podcast as well. Thanks guys!

Current contests on Miss604.com


  1. Bradley says:

    remember what i said to you last new years when we met?

    i said “one day miss604 is gonna go provincial”………and you ended up going INTERNATIONAL

    I guess i was wrong

  2. They finally posted it. Too cool. And thanks for the mention.
    I should note that the old radio station has a bot running to track every time their call letters appear online and what’s said about them. That post is going to confuse the crap out of them on so many levels. Fantastic.

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