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mr pierceHe isn’t from Vancouver but he loves the city almost as much as I do.

Tony Pierce was a natural choice for my next blogger profile as he’s been blogging for just under a decade on his own site, is a sxsw panelist, takes pics with hotties, can grow a beard like Papa Smurf, bleeds Cubby Blue, literally wrote the book: How to Blog and sends sweets to girls in Canada who fill their tummies til they feel sick.

Who are you?: I am just a typical ugly american gen x slacker loser misspeller pothead cubfan blogger bachelor angry black born again christian with a poetry degree

PC, Mac or Speak n’ Spell: i have two pcs – an ibm thinkpad laptop and a homemade desktop for downloading porn

Where do you write:,

Why do you blog?: to get laid, and to get paid

What’s your favourite thing to write about?: i like to lie about the girls i got lucky with and tell the truth about the ones i had no luck with

What is the BEST part of blogging?: the freedom to do anything at any time and be read by dozens

Photo credit: Tony on the LAist

Do you write for yourself, your readers or for Google?: i write for the hope that one day a young lady who is concerned that she might be nymphomaniac and has thus hidden herself away in her room, will find me, and know that i wont judge, nor will i judge her outfits, and ways, and needs. theyre natural i will say. and i will photograph her to make her feel more comfortable. and i will love her. and sell the pictures at a profit. and i will love her sister too. i write for both of them. and their friends.

Would/Do you ever censor yourself?: i censor myself constantly. its my biggest flaw.

Blogs you read or would recommend: i’d like to recommend these 6 blogs written by hot babes who write on blogspot blogs: raymi, oakparkmastermind, xtx, smelly, danielle and zulieka

I could sit here and quote some of Tony’s amazingly free-flowing, puzzling, insightful, naughty, and boldly eyeopening posts but then I’d have to truncate this entry with a “Continue Reading”… and I just don’t want to do that. So check out the links below.

– Tony also has a weekly internet radio spot on Thursdays at 5:00pm PT through NowLive.


– There’s talk, there’s music, and there’s a chance to call in and whisper sweet nothings. You can read all of Tony’s posts on his busblog or the LAist.

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  1. JenniferWednesday, October 17th, 2007 — 6:31am PDT

    Great profile on the Tone, Rebecca. I love how you describe his posts as “amazingly free-flowing, puzzling, insightful, naughty, and boldly eyeopening…” You couldn’t have summed his style up any better! Tony has been inspiring me since I first started blogging way back when and his site continues to be a daily stop for me as the years go on.

  2. xtxWednesday, October 17th, 2007 — 6:46am PDT

    Tony rules and is the master. If I were a dude, I’d want to be him and I’m not just saying that cuz he mentioned me as a blogger he would recommend. I’m saying it because he has a horse cock.

  3. Duane StoreyWednesday, October 17th, 2007 — 9:54am PDT

    Yeah, Tony’s blog is one of a handful that’s on my morning read. And he’s a cool guy!

  4. tonyWednesday, October 17th, 2007 — 5:53pm PDT

    this is so sweet of you!
    thank you!!!

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