The Best of 604: Lifestyle Edition

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To continue the “Best of 604” I’ve put together a hodge podge of some more things I like and would recommend. This isn’t to compete with any other list, this is simply my spin on things as these are people, places and things that I personally find pleasant. With some help I hope to cover a different spectrum, all inclusive of the entire “604“.


  • Most underrated place to buy fixins for dinner: The Robson Market
  • Best place to get 50% of sunglasses, 20% off jeans, and eat a pot pie downstairs: The Bay
  • Cheapest leisure ice time, if the strike ever ends: West End Community Centre‘s “Twonie Skate”
  • West End Ice Rink

  • Probably the best curry in the world (just like the sign says): Mui Garden
  • Best place to watch a hockey game and have your choice of 120+ beers: Fogg and Suds
  • Park that DaveO says is a real gem, with a wicked view – just watch out for biohazardous waste: Crab Park
  • It’s 2am and you’re stumbling home, it’s where you go for food and lots of water: White Tower
  • Alternative to the Harbour Centre’s ‘top of the city’ revolving restaurant: The Empire Landmark’s Cloud Nine
  • Best trail in Stanley Park: Bridle Trail
  • Most handy site when looking up a trail map of Stanley Park:
  • Best park near downtown that we just don’t get to enough: Pacific Spirit Park
  • Metro Vancouver:

  • Nicest park that has an annual country fair: Campbell Valley Park
  • Best place to visit in Fort Langley aside from going to the Fort cause it’s kinda boring: Aldor Acres Farm (see Jen’s Pumpkin Patch Review) or The Fort Wine Co.
  • Best sketchy breakfast: The Round Up Cafe (RIP The Dutchman) [Map]
  • Best beach outside of Vancouver, yes there’s beaches outside of Vancouver: Crescent Beach … although we really want to check out Iona sometime
  • Freakiest new development: Those condos built on old Woodlands land in New Westminster, eek
  • Something for Surreyites to look forward to: Winterfest 2008, since there will be no First Night
  • Best place in Burnaby that doesn’t involve the words “Metropolis” or “Metrotown”: Deer Lake Park
  • Neatest tourist trap, literally: The Bose Family Farm Corn Maze
  • Brew pub where a girl can get herself a nice raspberry wheat ale: Central City
  • The “Best of 604” will be an ongoing series, so watch for more posts in this category.

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    1. MaktaaqTuesday, September 25th, 2007 — 8:59am PDT

      Hey, I have a good friend who lives in those “freaky” condos. They’re ok, but the heritage buildings are eerie and the gravestones….

    2. JennyWednesday, September 26th, 2007 — 7:33am PDT

      Those places have a really great view I would imagine and look really nice but it is such an eerie place. Maybe if you aren’t from the area you’d never really know…

      Central city’s services has improved a lot since the beginning when it was really really bad.

    3. fotoeinsWednesday, September 26th, 2007 — 11:54am PDT

      Hey, Becks and John. You keep mentioning these fantastic “best-of” places, and I wish to come home and try them out for meself. It’s difficult keeping that gugongous list down to a reasonable size … no thanks to you. 😉

    4. DaveThursday, September 27th, 2007 — 4:17pm PDT

      Another killer wrap-up! Heres another Best Dim Sum place to take tourists friends and feast for under $50 for a massive and culturally stimulating lunch – Flota Seafood Restaurant, … i think … ahh shoot what is it called, i know where it is … upstairs in a little mall type deal by the field hockey field … hmmm guess that’s not very helpful. I’ll wander by to find out cause it is mighty.

    5. DaveThursday, September 27th, 2007 — 4:28pm PDT

      Update: this is the place Floata Seafood Restaurant

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