Big Sisters Luminary Soiree

Duff in Vancouver

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007 — 11:30am PDT
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No, not the beer, but Hillary. On Friday night my sister and I took my niece to see the teen sensation in concert at the Pacific Coliseum. All I can do is quote Yogurt: “Merchandising, merchandising!” Wowsa. They were selling these glow sticks that said ‘Hillary Duff’ on the side and I swear all 10,000 kids there bought one. I bet they were like $10 a pop too. It looked pretty cool from our seats up high in the balcony, and so did the rest of the concert. She’s a sweet girl (not sure she was actually singing though) but it was nice performance although I thought it ended about 4 times, really… who does 5 encore songs?

Another thing I found strikingly odd was all the 80’s cover tunes. ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’ and ‘Personal Jesus’ with different lyrics for the verses. Then… ‘Love is a Battlefield’ where you had thousands of 5-15 year old girls pumping their fists in the air, in unison, shouting ‘We are young! Heart ache to heart ache we stand!’. It made me a little uneasy but it seems like the fans had an amazing time. I haven’t been to a concert where kids colour poster boards with felt markers and sparkles, making signs for the artist since… um.. well New Kids on the Block back in 1991. I’m used to club shows, rock and roll but you know what – it was nice night out with my sister and niece. We giggled, got a pop and popcorn for $6 and had a lot of fun.

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  1. Jenny says:

    But we were not allowed to dance or sing along, that was not ‘cool’

  2. i seriously can’t wait to hear what dvo has to say being that was his SECOND time taking his daughter the first time he was supposed to go with us to sarah mclachlan…..he was not a happy boy.

  3. gusgreeper says:

    seriously, i will make him a separate thing NOW. that is twice. ACK.

  4. zanstorm says:

    Oh god..she didnt butcher Love is a Battlefield did she?

  5. Miss604 says:

    Jen: I know… you and I were all ready to dance but come to think of it, when we were Lexi’s age we wouldn’t have wanted any fuss either.

    Corinna: Yes, separate logins is crucial hehe

    Zanstorm: …. Yes…. although it was very powerful… I mean with all the glowsticks in the audience waving about…

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