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Checking from Mission Raceway

Saturday, July 28th, 2007 — 4:00pm PDT
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John is on location at Mission Raceway today and checking in every now and then. He just sent me this photo with the caption SO LOUD.

Mission Raceway

There are few sports that make remembering the “old days” as easy to do as drag racing, with its rich tradition and reverence for old cars, and this weekend is the chance for fans to relive the glory days when the Langley Loafers present the 16th Annual Re/Max B.C. Oldtime Drags at Mission Raceway Park. [Mission Raceway]

Careful on the website though, it starts talking to you after a bit. John also wanted to mention that Friday nights at the raceway are “Street Racing Nights”, meant to keep kids off streets and leave the dragging to the raceway.

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