Take the Blue Sky

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Today was such a Monday. It dragged on, it was grey, gloomy, and people weren’t in good moods. My feelings towards man on the crowded soggy bus ride home who was setting his ring tone on his phone for 20 minutes just typified how I’ve felt lately. Yes, I said “typify”, thanks Ryan Walter!.

When Friday is a Monday John and I are having some job woes right now. He’s looking since he’s got all his paperwork from the Canadian government, but we’re not having the party I anticipated. We’re busy, stressed, and scouring Monster and Workopolis for opportunities. We both have extensive experience and qualifications (and if you’d like to know more please contact me) but things just aren’t going our way. I haven’t spoken much as to why I left my recent position but technically “I was offered a lovely severance package so I accepted it”. Emotionally, it goes a lot deeper than that and even though I’ve put on a happy face, I’m still recovering…

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, I really am. We get to meet up with fellow Crazy Canucks podcast co-hosts for the Open Practice at GM Place. It will be really great to get the whole gang together, because in case you hadn’t realized, we record all episodes via the internet. John and I are the only ones actually in the same room together. I’m pretty excited to see Alanah again – she’s a total hockey blogger guru, and since she lives the furthest away, meetups like this are few and far between.

I am looking through the clouds at this point, although it just seems that our entire year has been a struggle, and things just never get any easier. But then again I suppose (and I’d like to believe) that makes John and I even stronger, as a couple and individually.

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