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Here I am violating “Blog Vacation Day“. Mine usually is Sunday but since there’s only a few minutes left, I think I’m in the clear. This isn’t much of a blog post, just a tribute to a person in a whale suit.

Penalties, Explained by Fin

I’ve become quite the Fin fan ever since I met’em last year at Sapperton Days in New Westminster. Great team spirit, a head that spews steam, and since the friendly whale mascot of the Vancouver Canucks started to blog well, that just won me over.

Although he’s not a cool, athletic, and in-your-face as Super Grizz [Sportsecyclopedia]. Man that guy was fun, eh? He used to come to our high school and do fancy slam dunks off mini trampolines… but I digress.

There are some pretty hideous mascots out there, not to mention a couple that just freak the bejesus outta me. I think Fin’s also much better than having cheerleaders or double the amount of ice girls prancing around the rink.

And if that photo above doesn’t learn’ya a thing or two about calls, check out the post JJ’s got up. It’ll educate AND make your teeth ache – it’s just that sweet.

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  1. JasonWednesday, March 14th, 2007 — 12:18am PDT

    just a funny note! When the canucks where bringing a mascot on…they held a contest”name the whale mascot”. At boston pizzi you could enter your idea. Is they chose your mascot name you win a prize. Well guess what i put down…FIN!! I along with 4 others picked the same name FIN. and they used it!! so just a simple fun note! “the prize was a pair of canucks tickets”

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