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I’m still alive, I promise. I’ve worked about 30 extra hours in the last week or so and I’m a little tired. It’s the “crazy time of year” and aside from regular overtime, I’ve taken some extra shifts (e.g. working the stat) so that my lovely husband [audihertz][radiozoom] and I can enjoy Thanksgiving [wiki] together next week. We’ll do a huge grocery shopping order, he’ll roast something tasty, I’ll make us watch Miracle on 34th Street [imdb] and he’ll probably try to get in some football. I’ll have 4 days off (Thurs-Sun) and I think we’ll probably just rest. We need some rest. metroundies.jpgThat, and Christmas shopping. We need to send a parcel down to his folks, although it totally sucks we won’t be able to hand-deliver anything this year.

With all the rain, the Canucks losing, and the extra hours at work, the week’s been pretty grey but something that’s picked me up is being named City Co-Captain/ Vice Captain/ Robin to Jeffery’s Batman/ Alternate Captain/ to Metroblogging Vancouver. That, on TOP of being able to purchase Metroblogging panties, well – now there’s a little bit of sunshine for my day.

Kind of crappy timing since this is the first time I haven’t blogged EVERY day since uh forever and I’ve been out of it for 4 days BUT the Canadian Blog Awards [CBA] are now open for voting. You’ll find local gems on the voting cards such as Gus Greeper (under, If Spock is Enough), Metroblogging, Vancouver Canucks Op Ed (for best Sports Blog) and of course this one here – Miss604.com. Head on over. It’s free to cast your vote and show us that you love us (or at least kinda put up with us). Thanks!

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  1. JennyWednesday, November 15th, 2006 — 1:18pm PST

    I have a feeling I’ll see you wearing those when I show up at your place sometime in the future.

    Side note *2 hours to get to work today* I left my place at 645 am and arrived safely at my desk at 840.

    Roads were more like lakes the morning.

    Cypress opens tomorrow !

  2. Miss604Wednesday, November 15th, 2006 — 1:40pm PST

    you’re lucky i put ANYTHING on for you missy!

  3. JennyWednesday, November 15th, 2006 — 3:57pm PST

    I’d be more lucky if you’d take it off 😉

    Hey did you hear about the Tsunami warning this morning ?

  4. Miss604Wednesday, November 15th, 2006 — 4:15pm PST

    Oh yeah, 8.1 Earthquake in/near Japan — Tsunami warnings all up and down the coast here and on the Island.

  5. Jeffery SimpsonThursday, November 16th, 2006 — 12:57pm PST

    Ironically it’s Metroblogging Montreal that got a nomination and not Vancouver even though I think we’re a better blog. Much more active, and more in touch with the community.

    Congrats on the nomination though.

  6. Miss604Thursday, November 16th, 2006 — 12:58pm PST

    Vancouver’s on for “Best Media Blog” – although the local blog would be the better category.

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