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John misses America, it's funny.Last night John suggested one of the most geeky things I’ve heard come outta his mouth in quite a while, and I was totally on board. He said, “We should just spend an evening on YouTube…” for the soul pupose of finding anything and everything we can to entertain us “…before it all goes to crap.” Honestly, I haven’t poked around there perhaps as much as I should have. I dunno. Seems like everyone’s got a video on their blog post nowadays, and it’s become the Google of the video world, fittingly.

This topic came about while we were watching Sportsnet News last night, catching up on the world of hockey, baseball, football and everything in between. John had seen the Cardinals’ coach have a spaz on the video Tony Pierce posted on his blog earlier in the day [youtube].

It’s not likely we’ll be able to goof off and have an evening like that any time soon, although we’ll still be doing geeky things, much to my sister’s dismay. We had to call off a meetup yesterday because we were going to record a Crazy Canucks podcast. We still have the audio from the Abeerdeen City show to get through and tonight we’re going out with a co-worker, here from out of town.

When it rains, it pours…

My mother is off to Toronto today and my sister is off for the UK on the weekend. Seems like everyone’s going somewhere, ‘cept for us *sigh*… time to email the lawyer and see where things are with the application.

Tonight I’m headed to Laura’s work to be a guinea pig again, this time… it may be a little more painful than any previous visits. Let’s just say that it has to do directly with this post.

I am looking forward to sleep this weekend. Just let me sleep and I’ll be happy, it’ll make me feel all super and it doesn’t cost a penny. Thank goodness.

John emailed the lawyer today and we got the info we needed to check out our status online. We submitted his Permanent Resident Application in March, which is when it was received, but it started ‘processing’ in July. Current wait time (according to the site) is about 8-9 months. I’m hoping that’s from the time it was received not July…

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  1. gusgreeperThursday, October 19th, 2006 — 12:37pm PDT

    i think it is pretty sick how much it sold for and i knew right then i better make get most out of it because as soon as an ad shows up in front of one which we all know they will going for that price im done, i was pretty upset about it. like yeah so i can link videos from my ftp file but why clog up my bandwidth like i used to when i can use utube? buzznet is crap but may have to get better now but then the same stupid thing will happen. guess i’ll be heading back to clogging up my bandwidth soon cause i do like me some video posts.
    and I can not believe the ellen people have not found my video with all the Youtube videos she shows WRONG i say! WRONG!!!!! 😛 learning how to actually use my ftp file might help as well.

  2. Miss604Thursday, October 19th, 2006 — 12:56pm PDT

    hehe your Ellen video rocks

  3. gusgreeperThursday, October 19th, 2006 — 3:55pm PDT

    i tell myself they can’t show it cause i swear in it 😛

  4. MonikaFriday, October 20th, 2006 — 11:44am PDT

    I stumbled across your blog as I’ve just moved to Vancouver & am looking for related city blogs to get me out & moving. I don’t want to be one of those rude readers who just blurts out any opinion they want because they’re sitting in front of a PC, but man, your blog is so boring. This is something you should be writing in your own diary & away from the public world. I’m sorry, but it’s dead dry.

    Take some hints from dooce.com or something

  5. JennySaturday, October 21st, 2006 — 11:16am PDT

    Perhaps you have missed the point of a ‘web-log’. She writes this about what is relevant to her in her life. I’m not sure what you class as ‘exciting’ but interviewing international rockstars sure doesn’t sound like a snore to me. Welcome to Vancouver, hope we can keep you entertained !

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