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Desire Paths in Vancouver

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The saying is, “if you build it, they will come” but in some cases, once you’ve built it, they will still go their own way. At the TED conference in Vancouver, designer Tom Hulme spoke at a TED University session about desire paths. These are paths are created by human or animal foot traffic and […]

Where to Watch TED Talks in Vancouver

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Over 2,000 delegates are visiting the Vancouver Convention Centre for the annual TED conference and if you are not one of the exclusive attendees, you can still watch several TED Talks at select locations around Vancouver. Dream is the theme for this year’s conference, dedicated to “great feats of imagineering, invention, innovation, and the courageous […]

745-Foot Aerial Sculpture on Vancouver’s Waterfront

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It’s encouraging to see more public art on display in Vancouver, especially since I began my tenure as a West End resident almost a decade ago. Sculptures dot the landscape, breaking up the (albeit gorgeous) blue of the sea and the green of the parks, capturing your eye and starring in many visitors’ photographs. The […]