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Fall and Winter Farmers Markets in Vancouver 2012

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Thanksgiving is here and leaves are falling but farmers markets are still open this season with a few more opening up this winter. Here’s your seasonal list of farmers markets around Vancouver thanks to EatLocal & Edible Vancouver: Photo credit: DTBの写真撮影 on Flickr Trout Lake Farmers Market Location: North Parking Lot of John Hendry Park […]

Savour at Lonsdale Quay Market

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A quick Sea Bus ride away from downtown Vancouver, the Lonsdale Quay Market is your North Shore source for fresh produce, local vegetables, meats, cheeses, wines and artisan wares. This October they are hosting Savour, a festival of food and wine taking place every Saturday form October 6th until October 27th, 2012. Photo credit: John […]

Corn Festival at Kerrisdale Farmers Market

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The Kerrisdale Farmers Market is hosting a corn festival this weekend with freshly-popped kettle corn recipes, fresh corn, roasted corn, recipes, and corn-related activities for the kids. Photo credit: planetc1 on Flickr I spent some time in Kerrisdale last week and it left me wondering I don’t get there more often. As a child our […]

Trapp+Holbrook New Westminster

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Trapp + Holbrook is New Westminster’s latest real estate development that will build up modern living spaces along Columbia Street in our province’s original capital. This reconstruction of the historic Trapp building will be performed by Robert Fung and his team at The Salient Group who have transformed many prominent buildings in Gastown. “The historic […]

Vancouver Farmers Markets for 2012

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Vancouver Farmers Markets are returning for the summer with some only taking a short break from their winter market season. The first to open will be Trout Lake Farmer Market this weekend but here is a complete listing, thanks to EatLocal: Photo credit: Stephen Rees & satanoid on Flickr Photo credit: jezzfoodieme & TheVancouverGuy & […]