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Gifts for Stanley Park: Vancouver Gift Guide

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The Stanley Park Ecology Society (“SPES”) and its volunteers work hard to conserve, protect, educate and research to ensure that Stanley Park remains a bastion of natural wonder and beauty, and the Best Park in the World. If you’ve followed Miss604 online — whether on the blog, Twitter, or Instagram — you’ll know how much […]

SPES Saturday: Heron Report

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This post has been contributed by Ben Hill, Communications Volunteer with the Stanley Park Ecology Society (“SPES”). I have been following SPES since I moved into the West End almost eight years ago and I recently became a member. I wanted to offer the team an opportunity to share their news, events, and work so […]

Herons Return to Stanley Park

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The Stanley Park Ecology Society (“SPES”) is reporting that the Pacific great blue herons have returned to their nesting site in Stanley Park after successful 2012 season. This is the 13th year the herons have nested in the park and they have started to return to the trees above the Park Board’s Administrative Offices and […]

Blue Heron Colony in Stanley Park

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One of the things I love about Stanley Park is that it’s a natural oasis on the tip of a bustling metropolitan area. Taking a few steps under the canopy of evergreens, city sounds fade while the tune of rushing creek water amplifies. Raccoons prowl by the lagoon, bushy-tailed squirrels greet visitors, and harbour seals […]

Learn About the Herons of Stanley Park

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The edges of Stanley Park have been home to a colony of blue herons for the last 11 years. Perched above the Park Board’s Administrative Offices and the tennis courts, these large wading birds (that stand a meter tall) pepper our beach landscapes. Photo credit: Clayton Perry Photoworks on Flickr To protect the herons, which […]