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Ms. Brown is the New M&Ms Spokescandy

Comments 244 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Move over Red and Yellow, M&Ms have a new spokescandy. Ms. Brown, to be revealed to Canadians this month, is the “Chief Chocolate Officer” at Mars Inc. with a distinct personality and unmatched knowledge of milk chocolate. Ms. Brown will make her first appearance, after working behind the scenes for the last seventy years, at […]

Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival 2012

Comments 3 by Rebecca Bollwitt

The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival returns for a second year January 14 to February 14, 2012. I heard mention of this on Twitter yesterday and found details on Erin Ireland’s blog which linked to the event host, CityFood Magazine. Photo credit: stephbond on Flickr The month-long festival has a massive line up of daily flavours […]

Invite the World to Vancouver & Chocolate Giveaway

Comments 169 by Rebecca Bollwitt

You can now Invite the World to Vancouver through a new digital postcard platform. Simply visit the site, select a series of photos or upload your own, and they’ll send a real post card to the recipient. They’ll cover the postage, print the card, and have it delivered. I for one, love receiving actual tangible […]

Cadbury Likes for Bikes

Comments 2 by Rebecca Bollwitt

It was two months ago to the day that I flew 15 hours from Vancouver, to London, then Accra, Ghana in order to take part in the delivery of over 4,000 bicycles with Cadbury. Following a successful virtual campaign called “The Bicycle Factory“, these real bikes were delivered to rural villages in Ghana thanks to […]

Valentine’s Day 2011 Giveaway: Spa and Chocolates

Comments 419 by Rebecca Bollwitt

There’s nothing like telling the love of your life how much they mean to you and although you can do so any day of the year, Valentine’s Day is a special opportunity to crank up the romance in your life. For this reason, I have been working to put together a few Vancouver-specific Valentine’s Day […]