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VIFF Stella Artois Insider Search

Comments 1 by Rebecca Bollwitt

One of the official sponsors of this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival is Stella Artois and they would like to share the VIFF excitement with one lucky person. They’re on the hunt to find a special Insider who will attend galas, parties, screenings, and premiers on their behalf. Responsibilities: Attend screenings, premieres and great parties […]

Canada Cup of Beer 2009

Comments 2 by Rebecca Bollwitt

The good folks at Just Here for the Beer are bringing back the Nando’s Canada Cup of Beer next week on July 4th. This will be the fourth annual event which is Vancouver’s largest beer festival. Last year I played a tiny role as a sponsor (just by promotion) and it’s been neat to follow […]

Spinnakers Victoria Gastro Brewpub and Guesthouses

Comments 6 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub is located just a quick harbour ferry ride across Victoria’s inner harbour and is the home of Canada’s first purpose-built brewpub. Spinnakers produces at least ten different types of ales (not lagers) and they turn around new beers each month, often designing custom brews for community events and fundraisers. During our visit […]

Brockton IPA from Granville Island Brewing

Comments 9 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Last night John and I were able to get our first tastes of the new Brockton IPA from Granville Island Brewing at their media launch event. I recently became a fan of the GIB Winter Ale, which I compare to drinking vanilla and pine trees (but in the most tasty sense possible, I assure you). […]

Central City's IPA is CMRA's Best Beer in BC

Comments 7 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Wednesday evening we headed to the local beer & wine shop with Keira so that she could collect the standard thank you for helping me move brews. They didn’t have a run-of-the-mill selection, mostly imports and micro-brews, however we did get a brief education about cask brewing and ending up picking up a pack of […]