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i just went to the dentist for the first time in about ohh… 2 years. my old dentist wasn’t the best – she used outdated techniques and it was painful and not nice. the new dentist (which i found just because it’s so close to my house) seems super fantastic. i went in this morning to get a whole wack load of digital pics of my head and mouth taken. i had a root canal in grade 12 and my old dentist never put a crown on it, so it’s worn away and chipped over the years (since it’s a dead tooth). they’re going to put a porcelain crown on there and repair some other stuff. i feel so out of style with my silver/mercury fillings, the thing to have is tooth coloured fillings – who knew.

The FOX is doing their annual Santa Fox Food Drive. Every year they would go around to various locations in the lower mainland and collect food and donations for the Food Bank in that area. This year (I was listening on Monday) they’re at the Superstore on Grandview and Renfrew all week. Proceeds will benefit the three surrounding cities – Vancouver, Burnaby and New West — but hang on a second — in the past, Surrey – consistently – has had the biggest support and one-day totals out of anywhere. So I was wondering what was going on – why were they not out that way this year?…Then I floated down the radio dial to Z95 and found out they’re doing a mobile campaign this year and Surrey is their stop today. Phew. Okay – now I won’t have to go on a rampage. I mean it’s important that the Food Banks in all regions get support, but I was slightly wondering why Surrey was off the Fox’s list this year. As long as someone is covering them (and Delta too), and as long as people don’t specifically need a radio special or on-location broadcast to get them out there to support a local charity (at Christmas time or any other time of year) then i think we’ll be on our way to being okay…although there’s always more that can be done:

Z95.3 Food Bank Fill-Up and Santa Fox Food Drive
Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society
YWCA – Presence of Peace
Union Gospel Mission
Other ways to get involved in the Greater Vancouver Region

Captain Crunch was here

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in other happy news…laura just sent this to me and made my afternoon. it could be that i’ve had no coffee at all today and i’m currently sucking on a truffle (oh my) but we couldn’t stop giggling Featuring such artists as Ben Folds Laundry, Gwen Stefunny and Dave Mathshoes…too cute.

Other things to do when bored at work? Addicting Games, including iSketch. Then there’s always (which may be offensive to some, but otherwise pretty funny) and The Onion, And if all else fails check out the links on the sidebar of your favourite blog perhaps a Vancouver blog… by some cool chick…ahem…and if you’re still bored after that – download a podcast or ten. I think I’m going to browse Google News, check out what concerts are coming to town, and wait for laura to get back with popcorn.

Edit: Clouts is out for > 4 months!

you will find true love on flag day

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john went wiki-crazy last night. he discovered that the skytrain has ‘…become the world’s longest automated light rapid transit system utilizing the world’s longest transit-only bridge…’ fascinating. on one of his first trips on the skytrain he commented about there being no driver and how that would ‘never fly’ in the states. aside from safety concerns and general mistrust in computers and automation…and aside from possible malfunctions and monster trains taking over the city and devouring us all… mostly just because if something went wrong, he said, there would be a physical being there on which to place the blame. don’t just sue the company, sue the individual representing the company that was in the train at the time.

americans seem to be sue-crazy. when i lived in boston there was rarely an un-swept sidewalk or pathway. if you slipped on some wet leaves – call up your lawyer on speed dial and note the address of the house in front of you. there was never a sidewalk with built up snow in front of a house or office. it was a liability. googling around, i came across this entry.

in other news…i was just reading the vancouverite this morning and had a chuckle at the Gingerbread man post. Currently, the world’s largest gingerbread man is at the Hyatt in Vancouver. It appears as though the Hyatt hosted the winner in 2003 and they’ve outdone themselves again this year. I thoroughly enjoy the Vancouverite’s comparison of the oversized cookie to the Gummi Venus from the simpsons. it is worth checking out (if you’re not intimidated or totally freaked out by such a sheer volume of sugary goodness) since proceeds go to charity. “Guests will be invited to decorate their own gingerbread man for a donation to the Canucks for Kids Fund. To Dec. 27.”

wake up in the morning, gotta shake this feeling

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Fun times. I’ve decided to organize my pics a lil better on Flickr. Went out for Jen’s bday on Saturday night. Everyone met at our house for margaritas before hand and we ended up watching Alexander – not the best movie but it suited as background noise while we gathered. It was a good night, jen had fun, that’s what matters.
We also had a brush with a celebrity – the guy who played “Luke” on Degrassi High (original). It was fantastic hehe. Degrassi was a staple growing up. The acting wasn’t the best and it was kinda hoaky but they dealt with issues that most teen programs don’t even touch today. (and certainly not like how the OC deals with issues) They seemed to be”real” kids who had real lives and problems. The shows were so ‘useful’ in fact that in grades 6-10 we watched episodes as a part of Sex-Ed. Like when one of the twins gets pregnant?! Or Kaitlen gets all boozed up… and the whole Wheels saga…. Spike… aw man. And nothing beats Zit Remedy. It was like 90210 of the 80s and they weren’t all white rich kids in Beverly Hills.

Recently they brought it back – Degrassi, Next Generation. Kevin Smith (aka Silent Bob) had always been a fan, he even references it in Chasing Amy and signed on to Degrassi’s team last year. Although he was able to creatively contribute to the show for those episodes, Degrassi has always been wholly Canadian so they couldn’t give him complete control. Go Canada eh…

Holden: So, uh, what do you wanna do tonight?
Banky: Mmm, get a pizza, watch “Degrassi Jr. High.”
Holden: You got a weird thing for Canadian melodrama.
Banky: I got a weird thing for girls who say “aboot.”

blowing all the other kids away

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got my eyebrows threaded today…. yipes! the redness has gone down a bit now but they’re all greasy from all the lotion i put on them. 5 bucks – not bad – but my sis only pays like 3 at the place she goes in Surrey. ive had my brows waxed before, not sure which is more painful – i still don’t even understand HOW they do the threading…
i just made a batch of peanut butter oatmeal cookies. num! i didn’t realize but the recipe was for 4 dozen so it looks as though once this second batch (that’s in the oven right now) is done, i’ll have at least another. jen’s coming over in a bit and we’re going to have some margaritas and head over to Balthazaar for some tapas and martinis. i called for reservations and they’re all booked up so if we have no luck there we’ll head somewhere else in the west end/english bay.
and of COURSE i have to mention the game last night. John Shorthouse called it yesterday morning on the FOX – he said it’ll go to a shootout and it did. Fantastic. My guy is a big Hasek fan (being that he’s an ex-goalie) he says “he’s NOT human!” – but man did Auld ever perform! The entire team was working, the game was playoff calibre and full of excitement. At one point during the shootout i looked out the window onto Robson and there was a crowd down on the street that had gathered outside a restaurant that was showing the game. The city is totally behind this team – and it feels great. Much respect to Ottawa (and even Heatley) but i’m discovering an appreciation for the Sedins. Whatever it is that we did last night (scoring first in the game, showing up to play with heart, fighting like hell) we need to do more of it – especially on the road.