hockey day in canadia

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Strange Brew was on CBC last night, it made me crave beer…. stubbies…

Today is Hockey Day in Canada, stay tuned to the CBC long enough and you’ll really start to crave Tim Ho.

John asked about Newfoundland (he still can’t get over the fact that they’re time zone is thirty mins ahead of EST). He brought up how we should do a cross country trip or start off in Boston, drive up to Maine then cross over the border and do a tour of the Maritimes. Could be fun eh?

We’re going to miss part of the Canucks game (vs the Flames) since Jen made reservations for bowling this evening. I’m not complaining at all – tonight we celebrate (even though my bday’s not til Monday, shh). We should have lots of fun, although i think we’re still trying to decide where to go to eat. when you live off robson/in the westend there’s never a shortage of places to go – although sometimes, with TOO much choice, decision making is difficult. At any rate, it’ll be a rainy night, with great company…and homemade margaritas (on the rocks).

Ask me how I’m feeling tomorrow morning…

to tha jukon

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just got back from surrey – good times. pizza and cake and presents and full bellies. my sis and her husband were kind enough to give us a ride home, back downtown. Anne’s finally posted pics from her journey out here on the best coast. she moved to toronto (blech) about… 6 years now? 7? to be with her boy. we met when i moved into the house across the street from her when we were 7 years old. we ended up going to the same high school (not elementary school because i was in french immersion) and then being practically inseperable until the Big Stinky stole her away (not Gerry, he’s lovely, I was talking about Toronto).

I visited her in August 2004 and it seems as though we’re crossing paths once a year, which really isn’t often enough. Tomorrow night I’ll miss her at my bday shin-dig… running amok downtown (‘running amok’ is what we did best) but i know the next time we get together, hilarity will ensue…with sexy results.

sappy reflection time

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I’m officially going to be old soon. I have monday off although the weather is supposed to be totally sucky until mid next week. mmm warm rain. tomorrow i we’re going bowling then out around town. tonight i’m heading to surrey to see the family and celebrate my bday along with my cousin’s (which was yesterday). ooh and we’re also going to a Giants game this weekend.
What a long, strange trip it’s been. I ran into someone I knew from high school a few weeks back. She had taken off to Australia a year after graduation and just got back to Canada last year. I haven’t seen her in ages and then BAM – one day I start work late, I’m walking down Granville and there she is. We already exchanged numbers over an email a few weeks prior to that so it was a brief encounter – although we still hadn’t seen each other since 1999…

In the last 10 years I’ve attended university for a semester (and a half), managed a retail store in Metrotown, managed a production team for an online broadcasting company, moved to boston, visited michelle in london, travelled all over the US, tried to take over the world, moved back, watched my sister pop out plenty o’ babies and hopefully… i’m still growing and progressing (and trying to take over the world).

When you’re in high school it seems like THAT is life, that is all that the world consists of. And at a point like this I realize how much of a tiny speck on the windshield of my life it truly was. It did shape me and make me the lovely young woman I am today hehe (laura’s probably gagging right now reading this) – all i have to say is that nothing beats being a West Whalley Trojan – holy CRAP our 10 year grade 10 grad anniversary is coming up! :-O someone better get on that…

can the Leafs let the 'nucks borrow Pogge?

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Hockey action yesterday – Canada’s World Junior team defeated Russia 5-0. With a controversial “goal” from Russia earlier our boys finished off the night leaving no room for dispute, Canada won the Gold. Coach Sutter is 12-0 in the last two years as coach of the world junior team. Justin Pogge started and won ALL 6 games of the tournament. it was a great day for hockey in vancouver.

Finland defeated USA to come up with Bronze and their goalie was named best goalie of the tournament during the awards presentation.

The canucks were able to hang on to a 3-2 victory over the blackhawks – a game which saw 2 penalty shots come in the same period and Jarkko Ruutu being successful on one of them. His lil brother plays for Chicago and they both were stars of the game. It wasn’t half as exciting as the world cup action but a win is a win, and vancouver should be pleased with that (for now).

the old crayola-oblongata

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Hockey overload today! World Juniors: USA vs Finland in the Bronze medal game (which just started at noon) and then the Gold medal game, Canada vs Russia, which is to follow at 4pm. The Canucks lost AGAIN last night in a snoozer. 1-0 til the 3rd and then gave up 3 goals (after they all apparently thought the game was only 2 periods long). That’s what now, 8 of the last 9 that they’ve lost? They’re playing tonight around 5:30pm in Chicago but I think I’ll keep my set tuned into the World Juniors – then switch over after.

Reading the local vancouver blogs is a daily practice for me. I check out BeyondRobson, DarrenBarefoot and The Vancouverite (to name a few). I really just wonder why the Vancouverite keeps referring to Jenny Good as the Canucks Blogger. She posted maybe five posts about the Canucks and most of them were just gushing about Cloutier being a hottie and his lovely eyes O_o ?

Much respect for her husband, i’ve always read Matthew Good‘s blog and been a fan since i was 16. I think she/his wife is really beautiful, makes some pretty funny comments and like many, she keeps a blog about daily life – which is basically what mine is as well.

I’m just really uncertain why The Vancouverite is so obsessed with her. Perhaps they’re friends? Perhaps he’s a cousin? But when I’m reading about world events, vancouver news, shootings, bridge deaths, etc. i’m not sure how/why Jenny Good posting a photo of herself is as newsworthy… so that’s when i tune out.

Vancouver/Canucks Blogs: Vancouver Hockey Blog, Canucks Blog, Canucks OpEd, to name a few. Aside from blogs, there’s a great selection of Vancouver/Canucks Podcasts to check out, including Dave Olsen’s Canucks Outsider.

local blogs are really good reads. Whether you just want to know what’s new in the city, what happened overnight, what to do this weekend, who is who and going where, or you can just learn what people here are like. You can’t really bash someone’s blog. They’re personal expressions/opinions that people publish in hopes that others might enjoy reading them, find them entertaining, educational, humorous, conversation starters etc.

With that said… I took this gadget quiz on the BBC site and got 7 right. yippee skippee.

Edit: The ‘I’m Blogging This’ shirt is available at ThinkGeek. (Ladies’ baby-doll or men’s styles).