MIA scramble

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i vanished and haven’t blogged for 4+ days…. i was very well fed this weekend, saw lots of family and got really really wet n rainy. this week is going to be so busy so i’ll have a lot more to blog about. i figure if i have nothing to share, why sit and share nothing eh? although i did kinda clean up the sidebar on my site and move the ‘about’ to a different page. so my flickr and other fun things are over there now. blogs are fun.

saturday we went to a family picnic and saw distant relatives i havent seen in years (or haven’t even met… people keep popping out babies, i can’t keep up). then on sunday my mother had us over for a ‘small luncheon’ which turned out to be a full on turkey dinner at 1pm. she’s so great.

i think the sky is sad we have no more canucks hockey until the fall. but there’s still Giants action to check out – they’re in the playoffs and kickin’ butt. there is hope for hockey in this town.


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so…the canucks season ‘ended’ last night. they have one more game to play but it doesn’t really make a difference – we’re out of the playoffs. meh.
i went to the states last night with my sister and some friends for some shopping times – got measured at victoria’s secret and found out um things oh my – and got the best bra in the world possible – EVER.

drove back to surrey, took the train from surrey, then a bus from the skytrain home – collected john then went out to meet laura and a co-worker that’s in town. we got really silly and it was a really fun time. since we’ve been going to fogg n suds for most of the canucks games this season (and they have these lil prize giveaways during games… and there’s only 1 game left) they let us raid the swag cupboard. we now have 2 glass mugs, a keychain and a foam finger to go with our bobble head, flag and mug insulator thingy.

we got home and john had a msg from his brother waiting – iowa city was hit by an F2 tornado last night. the university town looks pretty messy this morning and the damage looks pretty mucky. we have yet to get in contact with his parents but everyone seems to be okay. he’ll have audio and more details up on his site later. this comes about 2 days after we watched a show on NOVA about tornadoes – weird. he keeps asking me if i’m SURE i would ever want to relocate (out of vancouver and possibly back to iowa) :p

BC Book and Mag Week

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I’ve just been informed of this event going on next week, April 22-29 for the Association of Book Publishers of BC (ABPBC) and the BC Association of Magazine Publishers (BCAMP).

James from over at Up in Ontario gave me the low-down, it’s basically a whole bunch of events for you to get out there and help promote and support BC authors, photographers and magazine writers – especially if you are one! Check out all the pertinent info, details and everything else at the following sources: Website, Blog, Upcoming.org.

buy 9 spatulas and get the 10th for just one penny

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Okay, so TONIGHT’s game is THE game. We walked away from the Sharks yesterday with 1 point coming from an overtime loss. The Canucks are down in SJ today for the must-win game of the year. It was sad this morning on the Fox, potentially the last time we hear “Shorty on the Puck” since he’ll be all over on another station next season. But let’s not shed those tears just yet – we still have this game tonight to go all out – don’t be jumpin off that bandwagon JUST yet…. in the meantime why not also show support for the Giants – who won last night.

In other news, Mt. Trudeau is going to be named in a ceremony this June – and the Coquihalla is going to be dumped with 10-20cms of snow this weekend. Good thing we went away last weekend, geesh.

One more thing… I told John last weekend when we were in Kelowna that I had never had so many doors held open for me. There’s something up with men in vancouver – i’m not one of them snobby mini-puppy, face-eater-sunglasses-wearing chicks that just expects men to fall at her feet – but there’s something to be said for MANNERS at least. i think those plastic chicks have jaded the men (okay well some men) around here into just not giving a damn anymore, which is sad. i may also be cranky because i would really like a coffee right now. enough said.

radio what now?

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a sad little poll on my company’s site… either not many people take the time to participate or there’s something to be said about the people who come here.

even though podcast is the new buzz word people still do not know the advantages and awesomeness that is digital media. radio, mp3s, podcasts etc. get your news, satirical onion news, hockey team updates, casual banter, scores, highlights, etc etc all in portable media format – take it all on the bus with you and have your hands free to hold on during rush hour (as opposed to reading the paper). have everything ready at the touch of a button on your computer, archive, record… oh man… the possibilities are endless.

of course i dont have to tell you all this. just google podcasting, podcasts, check out the links on my sidebar then check out the links on those sites once you’re there. off work now, heading out to watch the game – going home to record a quick blurb for dave olsen’s podcast with john. go ‘nucks!