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Columbus Blue Jackets were in town last night fresh off a 6 game win streak. We were coming straight from a whoopin’ in Edmonton against whom our stats are less than impressive. There was talk coming into this that our “big line” has not been producing – basically that all the call ups, rookies, 2nd and 3rd lines have really stepped up since Christmas to carry this team. We won 7-4 and all 7 of those goals were by different players on different lines.
The brother line is just totally solid – it wasn’t until this year and the introduction of Anson Carter to the lineup that the twins really got the catalyst they needed. They were always good with puck handling and passing but there wasn’t much spark, they were just ‘good’. Now you toss in Anson Carter who just completely compliments their style and skills and BAM we have a wicked 2nd line and one of them being named offensive player of the week.

Now about the “big” line (consisting of Naslun, Morisson, Bertuzzi)… it showed up last night, Naslund being solid (nothing too fancy or spectacular) but Bertuzzi worked his butt off as did Mo. We’re starting to see real depth with this team – even from players such as Josh Green, Alex Burrows and now Mojzis who are battling every game for a chance to stay up in the NHL. Bieksa making his impression after being with the Moose last year as well. Ryan Kesler has got some heart – going up against the likes of Iginla and Foote. John asked me if he was a rookie and I believe he was a call up last year and has been a pretty darn impressive addition to the roster ever since – he’s got wheels, fists and a lot of determination.

It seems like in Edmonton we crumbled when it came to offense and Auld was left to carry the team. With shots on goal being so lop-sided it really was no fault of his. He’s been solid and from the begining I have supported the Canucks’ decision to have him as our #1 (and I’m also openly anti Cloutier and Jovo so that may not be a surprise) :p

I’m still missing Cooke and Park who are currently out, day to day with injuries. Can’t wait to have their skills back on the ice and hopefully Cooke will stop getting hurt during practices sheesh!

That’s my hockey talk for this morning, I wish we could get out and attend more games – we had so much fun at the one we caught earlier this season, it would be a blast to experience that again. Although sitting on the couch holiding hands and talkin’ hockey with my husband-to-be ain’t too shabby at all :p

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cupboards and sour pies

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Stephen Harper created himself a cabinet. Our 22nd Prime Minister was sworn in today… we’ll have to see what he has in store for Canada meh… I don’t feel like reporting on that right now…

I just read on forum that the song Beautiful Blue is the opener for the series Falcon Beach.

Featuring the music of Sam Roberts, Holly McNarland, Sloan, Aveo, Pilate, Matt Mays, Doctor, The Eames Era, Da Griff, Meligrove Band, Mia, Jahranimo, The Mark Inside, Paper Moon and Zukie Joseph, Falcon Beach is a TV movie pilot for a one-hour dramatic series in which class conflict and the drama of youth play out over the long hot days of summer.

Seeing as how I would never be compelled to sit down and watch Falcon Beach (or any other show like it), I’m glad I decided to check out the Holly site this morning and discover this. ALSO there was news about her new album ‘Chin Up Buttercup’ and its launch in the spring – although not confirmed (at least I couldn’t get any solid hits on Google). Holly is by far my favourite female artist (Canadian or otherwise) I SO can’t wait – I’ll be sure to report any updates.

feats of strength

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my list of grievances is ever-growing. blogger was giving me a hard time all weekend, it deleted posts and took ages to get anything done. it deleted john’s original posting of the podcast we did together friday night and it kept giving me weird error messages – even going to the page – it was totally blank except for “OK” in the upper left corner 😐

rogers wireless on the other hand… is another story, a very long story, needless to say i’ll be getting two bills in the mail again this month and there’s one i’m supposed to ignore but i’m not sure which. so i’ll have to call their customer service line again and tell that person the big long story.

Edit: Looks like some Blenz employees had some grievances of their own (courtesy of Beyond Robson)

we didn’t get much done this weekend in terms of wedding. i think we’re just down to the licenses (liquor and wedding) and our attire. everything else is booked and i think we’re going to have a solid attendee number by our RSVP deadline. Again, really wicked that john’s friends can make it up. His parents have had a trying time recently with health problems and there have been many stresses on my family as well but hopefully when our day comes, everyone will be able to relax and enjoy. it shouldnt be an extremely stressful event at all, but with all of life’s curveballs, things just pile up.

January was our rainiest on record here in Vancouver and February started off with winds, storms, floods. This week is supposed to be sunny… and the Canucks have a home game tonight – hopefully they can recover from their loss in edmonton since their home record is impressive. right now, for this week… things are looking up…

no more pea coat…maybe

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sun all this week? this is the view from my computer right now.
joy 🙂

we’re watching the superbowl on the american channel so that we can enjoy the commercials. at this point john’s fave is the monkeys – I think they were last year too. you can’t go wrong with monkeys – like in the years of eTrade. not sure who i’m cheering for – i guess by geographical association perahps i should cheer for seattle… although i really don’t care. we had a good morning with my mom and now we’re just enjoying some home-made margaritas and foooootball. i just spent a couple mins explaining some rugby rules and regulations to john. i used to play in high school (scrum half) and i still find it more interesting that football, although – the commercials aren’t as interesting.

guestimate your vingle

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i wrote a lovely post this morning then blogger decided to be a complete spazz and delete it – it even deleted john’s podcast/show notes from last night. basically, it was my report on the vancouver podcast meetup last night. there were bloggers, podcaster-hopefuls and gurus all coming together over beer and chicken strips. it was a great opportunity for me as a blogger to meet other local bloggers, and an even better one for john to offer up some wisdom and insight to newbies of podcasting and talk shop with the pros. yesterday before the meetup we both sat down in our dining room aka john’s home studio and did a podcast. there were about two dozen people at this gathering although i hear at other vancouver bloging events like the meetups at Steamworks there are even greater turn outs. our first experience at a meetup and networking with other vancouver geeks was really positive. there are also pics up, check out some of the blogs of the participants and i must plug the island podcast w/ ted riecken.

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to name a few 🙂