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so… tomorrow… the fun begins. it’s a big huge surprise that jen’s been able to keep secret (same with laura) and i’m, assured we’ll have lots of fun, but i’m still pretty freaked out hehe and well, excited. remind me to take my cam along, take pics, make vids etc. we haven’t really been out on the town since my birthday – which was tons of fun – this city is pretty darn fun and caters to pretty much every taste. from your 16 year olds sluttin’ around caprice, plaza and other granville clubs, to fancy hoity lounges and celeb hangouts.
hopefully the weather will stay clear (even though it’s damn cooooold!) for when our out of towners arrive next week. i still have a huge to-do list so hopefully i’ll still be able to stand come saturday morning, i dunno… blame jenny if i cant….

EDIT: It’s not supposed to snow in Vancouver!!!!! forecast for the wedding day… UGH

make a pest a pet

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Matt Good is embarking on an accoustic tour, yippee! no Vancouver/Victoria dates as of yet.

Juno nominees were announced yesterday… sometimes somewhat exciting although this year Nickelback *cough* leads the nominations *sob*. I’m not the biggest Nickelback fan. I admit, I did enjoy the days of Esher and Curb in the 90s but since then there’s not too much to get excited about (or appreciate).

Canadians were great in the 90s… although remnants of what I would call great bands are still around… in some form. Age of Electric, Limblifter, Moist, Our Lady Peace (god bless’em for firing Bob Rock), I Mother Earth (with Edwin), The Odds and of course the Matthew Good Band. i say remnant meaning, various members of those groups are still active ie. members of Age of Electric are now in other bands like the New Pornographers. etc. etc.

Anne and I must have gone to a billion concerts a month… although I’m omitting the names of punk/ska bands(since the theme here is canadian content), that time period reminds me of Less than Jake… we were definately into different styles and you could always count on anne losing a shoe in the pit. david hawks’ modern rock circus, warped tour, edgefest, tiny lil shows, free concerts at SFU and CBC plaza, the CCC and being a music-lovin’ teenager growing up in Vancouver… fun times.

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Okay a bit more of a plug for the Canadian Podcast Buffet. You can listen to their latest episode here or subscribe here. They mention that John and I (although it’s his show, I just make special guest-star appearances) are the 3rd podcaster couple they know of where 1 person is Canadian and the other American.
I also want to plug, yet another podcast of Dave Olsen. From the creator of the Canucks Outsider Podcast, comes the Olympic Outsider Podcast John came across it this morning (or maybe before that but he showed me this morning).

Now, enough of that business….Tomorrow is dress pick up and Friday…. is stagette. My sister has somethingplanned – i have no idea. Apparently it’s going to be really fun (i wouldn’t expect anything less from her). More than likely the evening will involve dinner, drinks and lots of good friends. Although I always end up licking or kissing my sister as soon as someone takes a picture – um yeah… I dunno she has that effect on me :p Check back with me on Saturday to see how I’m doing (and what the heck we got up to because I have no idea what the surprise is!)

I’m getting a different kind of nervous everyday. One day it’s worrying about the flowers not being ready for pick up on the big day, and the next it’s worrying about the weather and my fiance running off to America without me. I’m sure everything will be fine and lovely… I just need to de-stress… margaritas anyone?

banishing myself

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not much time for a post. was at work for 12 hours last night which resulted in me making an uber-bad mistake and now i’m just not in the mood for much 🙁

although i will mention that norwegians are super mega nice when it comes to helping out canadians with their ski poles thus allowing them to go on and win a silver medal.

and that there’s a lil blurb about john and i on the Canadian Podcast Buffet website.

shredded or chunky

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i like pickles. i can’t get enough potato – pertaining to a pic in an earlier post this month, i also love carbs. i love watching mythbusters and can’t wait for the new season of amazing race – although if hockey’s on it always wins. i can’t stand pulp and chunky fermented milk products such as cottage cheese, sour cream and yogurt.
i love the smell of magazines. one of my favourite places on earth is a spot on the sunshine coast. i grew up in Surrey and love it to pieces. the best place in the world to bowl is at Kings in Boston.

i have never owned (and will never own) ugg boots and appreciate the fact that my sister and i have the same pant size and i still have a pair of her jeans at my house (that i should wear tomorrow – remind me). i wore sexy red panties to work today – not because it’s valentine’s day but because we need to do laundry :-\

i was never the popular girl. i never received any valentines except from maybe my mom or sister. i really… really would just like to get a pack of those cinnamon hearts today. maybe i’ll go get some on my break. mmm candy love.