no crying in baseball

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so if you haven’t lived in vancouver long enough to know… we have wet winters, maybe one day of snow, then a spring-tease if you will in february… like it’s warm, sunny and all the crocuses come out to play. then in march it’s like Ah-HA! Not so fast… we’re going to get some snow. Kinda like the warm sunny April and May then June dumps so much rain on us you’re tempted to go buy an ark.
last night ANTM kicked off. the obvious front runner so far is Nnenna. I really like Mollie’s look though – she’s my new girl-crush.

speaking of model-type people, jennifer good thinks herself as a cougar in her latest blog entry. i have a dislike-dislike relationship with her but i just can’t look away, i check her site at least once a week just to see what’s new and to reiterate that yeah… she ain’t the brightest bulb on the tree. i have to say that i do appreciate (finally) pics of jenny good with her mouth closed and not cocked to the side with her mouth open, tongue showing and glass raised, as-is the norm for her. sorry jenny, i wasn’t the popular girl in school like you :-/

now next week my sister, Jenny, is jet-setting off to london. i’m so jealous. i’ve only been there once and it was for 3 days (maybe 4). i took a red-eye from Boston (although i’m sure i’ve blogged about that before).

i’m going to miss my sister and wish i was over there with her… but when she gets back it’s my niece’s 6th bday so … all those festivities (and cake) will cheer me up. we’re coming into birthday season… sweet!

The next one after her will be Ethan – the big 4. When I was 4 it became my identity. I was Becky4. Signed my name Becky4 and told people “my name is becky four”. Yeah I guess I had some problems as a kid but man, that was a good year.

now it’s time to check in on the NHL trade deadline.

outside inside

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latest patullo bridge tragedy. okay seriously, this is more than absurd – how many times do people have to reiterate that having lil cones in the centre lane of the bridge or even putting up a median would NOT make the bridge any safer?

it was snowing this morning, although once the flakes hit the ground it was rain. i work 10-6 today andit’s really annoying, i should be going home now – doing this for laura who swicthed with me because her building SUCKS. i swear, she’s sick so often and it’s because of that place – but she won’t listen.

the run last night was good, about 40 minutes and man… am i ever sore today. it was my first run in months but i kept a good pace and didn’t walk, whine, or cramp up. i’ll try again tomorrow and hopefully i won’t slow john’s pace too much.

more shows announced this season including our lady peace with neverending white lights at the ford centre. expensive and kinda a big venue, but sounds fun.

john’s walking my tax return over to the CCRA centre as we speak, laura did my taxes this year and man – i’ve never gotten a return so big! (provided she did everything right).

it’s a great time for tv watching even though it’s an even better time to get outside and be active. America’s Next Top Model starts tonight and that along with Amazing Race makes me very happy.

soggy trainers

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Amusing little vid, what if Microsoft re-did the iPod packaging….

We’re heading out for a run this afternoon – although I used to be a morning runner, this is my first day out in ages so we’re going right after work. I think we might do the Sun Run this year – although looking at the specs it seems the course has changed from previous years or since the last year that i participated which was probably 1998 so yeah… hopefully the rain will hold off tonight… although i doubt it

smashy smash

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waiting for the bus this morning i witnessed a motor vehicle accident that, really, i should have been witness to many times before — because every time i see this happen (or attempt this myself) it’s always a gamble. so here’s the scoop…

all along robson there are flashing green lights (aka pedestrian controlled) and the streets which run north/south that intersects these have stop signs. so it’s a common misconception that if you have a stop sign you can roll right through it without a pause if the traffic in the other direction has a red light at that particular moment in time. stop signs are stop signs. what makes crossing robson even more tricky are the pedestrians. so if you’re trying to cross with a flashing green light one way and a stop sign in front of you… once traffic is out of the way (or that light turns red) you still have to dodge, pause, yeild for pedestrians who will still come at you from every which way.

so this morning a car is trying to cross Robson. he’s got a stop sign and the traffic on Robson has a flashing green light that turned red. so he’s thinking – score! time to roll. so as he does so, pedestrians cross the street in front of him on the other side — he gets stuck in the intersection and the light turns green for the Robson traffic. When that light turns green -BAM! a car that was waiting at the line nails him. He spins about 180 degrees and the two cars pull off to the side.

Top Ten Collision Locations in Your Area

Here’s the thing… should stop sign guy have crossed the intersection? Even though the other traffic had a red light – there were still pedestrians crossing. OR should the car waiting at the line have noticed that car stuck in the intersection and not even accelerated.

Both cars failed to remember a major rule — enter the intersection when it’s clear and safe to do so. If you can prevent an accident – you must. I think they both made bad decisions but ultimately (in my opinion) the car waiting at the line shouldn’t have even accelerated – he could have prevented this entire mess and the first car would just look like a jerk for getting stuck. fortunately, no one was injured, they were both fully capable of getting out of their cars and having a heated discussion.

Vancouver traffic is fun.

watch that first step, it's a doozy

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okay so i really really like this band but they rejected john’s request to play them on his podcast so i’m not sure how much i want to promote them, but i really do and i wish they were coming to town… okay well it’s Aberdeen City and yeah… they’ve been on my ipod for several months now and havent left my on-the-go lists.

john blogged about SO many shows that are coming to vancouver – we HAVE to get the chance to attend at least some of them. i’d like to see dallas green/city and colour at mesa luna, and of course matt good at one of his solo accoustic shows. we want to make it to more canucks games, do the sun run, explore more parks around the area and about 50 billion other things – we’re coming out of the winter grey-dopeyness and rubbing our eyes open to what springtime in vancouver is all about.