glad i'm not in school

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we got home and had a swim before a trip to the store. now while john prepares some chilaquillas and i sip my drink, i turned on the Wedge and there’s the cutest video. the tune isn’t really my thing – sounds like a mix between couting crows mixed with bright eyes and coldplay mellowed down.. um yeah :p anyhoo, the video is adorable – check it out (here) and have a great weekend!

bend it with a billion people….

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it begins – the FIFA world Cup in Germany kicks off today. for the best places in vancouver to watch the action and be surrounded by people just as excited as you, but probably 100x more passionate about football (than me at least), check out BC Soccer Web or WhitecapsFC.

“The special twist making SOCCERIO possible is the RIO on BROADWAY, which will feature 25 FIFA World Cup matinee games at its 458-seat theatre location on Commercial Drive and East Broadway,” said Lenzi. “We’re convinced the one-two punch of the RIO as a flagship venue and the formal promotion of a festival will bring people together along the Drive.”

For more information about Soccerio, try any of the following links: media release, specific venue info, the cause.

For up to the minute action check out the official site, or be lazy…err i mean resourceful and click on the google banner today – which will take you to all world cup related sites AND supply an up-to-the-minute update on the current game (googleness).

the polar bear joke

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why are tv commercials for radio stations so annoying? there’s one on the american channel (komo) right now with a bunch of butts dancing… that’s all, just butts. dancing to 90s music – like they just threw on Much Dance ’94 and tacky pants and thought – wow this would make a GREAT commerical.

remember those commercials for that other seattle radio station – it was some oldies station and all i can remember is someone dancing in duck slippers… anyone? err…

i’m in a silly mood. we watched episode 2, season 3 of Rescue Me which got me all emotional and teary. then john put on Kids in the Hall – Brain Candy. that made the pendulum swing and i got all emotional in a silly happy sense. i’m pretty drained at this point so bed is my best option.

one more scan of the weebernet before i go to bed reveals my everlong-female-artist-crush Holly McNarland has news. I’m a long time member of the forum but now there’s her myspace page to check out as well. Also, two tracks from the new album can be heard at curve music’s myspace page.


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um, why is Alana there? i mean, i’m sure she’s a lovely girl but she looks like she should be working at safeway – not starring in a nation-wide top model search reality series. (not that there’s anything wrong with working at safeway:p) (top model profiles) Ylena is beautiful but looks like a soccer mom (not that soccer moms can’t be beautiful but it looks like she’s got 10 years on these other girls). Sisi gets a bad rap – she took a GREAT photo last night (and i know wyn is pullin’ for her too :p). kimmy (andrea) would have looked great with hair extensions but at least the makeover they gave her added about 5 years, which made her look more womanly and rather nice. And I’m sorry, but if she’s complaining about the “stupid competition” she shouldn’t still be there. Dawn, yeah a lil too innocent/naive and lacks confidence but i’d rather see others go first. The makeovers in this episode were good for everyone – but the bathing suits they put them in for the shoot, were not so much…
Gotta love CityTV for not editing out “Sisi, this tastes like sh*t”. It caught me off guard at first but then i realized what station i was on. I think if you go back to season 1 of ANTM it’ll be pretty comparable, it took them several seasons to get the ‘polished’ look the show now has.

Rol out the barrel

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This month in hockey… canucks will hopefully decide on the new coach, the nhl draft, the playoffs but first some olympic news. John’s all about the olympic news. Hockey for the 2010 Olympic Games will be played on North American-sized rinks ( as opposed to International, which is quite larger.

Using North American size ice surfaces rather than converting to international configurations will allow for approximately 350 to 800 additional spectators to enjoy each game live or approximately 35,000 additional tournament tickets, while also achieving approximately $10 million in capital cost savings which will be allocated to the contingency funding in VANOCs overall $580 million venue construction budget.

People are speculating that it’s just a way to cut on already soaring expenses but VANOC has assured that this was its plan all along… hmm.

Was it because their starting goaltender was out with an injury (that was caused mostly by the stupidity of one of their own players), a shake up of nerves within the team or is this just what Edmonton does best – lets you win a few then once they get you back to the Rexall they chew you up and spit you out? Who knows but Carolina is playing their hearts out – defeating the Oil 5-0 yesterday in game 2 (sportsnet). Lets not make excuses eh?

For more on the NHL Draft wander over to Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed, they’re the local source for all that is the draft and as advertised: “This website has become the #1 search on Google when you enter the search terms ‘nhl draft vancouver.” They also have pretty up to the minute info in regards to Canucks’ coaching candidates – I’m pretty lost already on the subject so I’ll leave it to the ‘professionals’ :p