ain't i a stinker

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i had a dream i was fighting a t-rex, was on his back and reaching around the front to plug his nose so he would choke/not be able to breathe and give up … i forget how it ended :-\

okay… canucks… eeee! 7-4 over the kings last night. lost a lil momentum there in the second but managed to pull off a victory. Auld was excellent – Cooke got the rink all bloody and Burrows got a hat trick (although wasn’t there speculation that it was Kesler’s goal?).

i’ve gone comment crazy lately, leaving comments on blogs left n right. i mean they’re blogs i check out on a daily basis but this week i’ve decided to add my two cents and feedback and things….

Tonight we suckered Laura into coming over for the Amazing Race. We’re going to catch it a 7pm on the east coast channel since we’ll be too dead tired come 10:00.

oh yeah and i opened up my parcel from Sleeman Breweries yesterday – a hat (which i ran in this morning) and a t-shirt. the run this morning was around the west end/coal harbour/stanley park. 6am oooooh boy. i need to get me some new shorts because i have a perma-wedge the entire time. either that or i should just wear pants but i cant seem to get comfy running in pants. my muscles are sore, mind is a lil tired, but this actually does feel really great.

Info on running in vancouver…
Visitors’ running guide,
best routes,
map your route/distance (super cool),
whole bunch of links from Rackets & Runners,
and the Running Room (for the most detailed route maps around vancouver).
EDIT: Thanks to Wynne over at Metroblogging, i’ve discovered Gmaps Pedometer – totally worth checking out!

it'll bring the house down

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I just signed us up for the Sun Run – next one is the Run for Light – super fun. I did the Run for the Cure earlier this year and hopefully we can find more events like this that we can participate in. I went running with John again over the weekend and we’ll go again tomorrow at 6am. I’m more of a morning runner, I have a harder time heading out after work. 7am Sunday was a lovely time since hardly anyone was out except for a few poshies in coal harbour with their puntable doggies w/sweaters.

we’re a lil miffed that we didn’t know about this sooner – a humega vancouver pillow fight… man that would have been fun :p

laura’s been a blog machine lately, she’s totally into everything TV so if you’re into the latest hot shows etc, check out her blog, she covers it all (even if youre into this uh aussie soap opera that she watches faithfully) she also takes a few stabs at john and i now and then… and comments on new hot celebs… hot damn.

OH and my “major prize” arrived via Purolator today from Sleeman Breweries (re: my typo-catch last week). it’s sitting at home, I wouldn’t let john open it yet. he said it feels like a mug… or a hat… or a shirt and a mug – darn and i was hoping for a leg lamp.

we like roy

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the live action simpsons opening that i blogged about earlier this month will be used in tonight’s episode. we just got back from fort langley with my parents and have OD’ed on coffee and peanut butter bars. time to veg out, maybe watch the count of monte cristo (an all-time fave) and be bums for the rest of the weekend. oh yeah, did i mention we got up at 7am today to go running? good stuff.


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i used to hate the wedge segment on much music – it was so “kooky” now im coming to find that it contains all my current favourite artists, songs, and great things i have not yet discovered.

what’s on right now? sixteen military wives – the decemberists. john’s having a riot. just thought i would direct you toward the cutest lil video short that we just saw. it’s for Wintersleep – Fog. check it out – it’s good and canadian and less evil than mostly all other much music programming.

& our dirty laundry

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i’m hoping to get john’s sister’s permission to post a pic of one of her paintings on my site. i really like her work. for now, check out her site at
hopefully we’ll be able to catch john’s family on ichat and have a video conference this weekend as we did the other week – we were able to join in the March Birthdays celeberation at his parents’ house via the laptop.

so much to do this weekend so little time. heading to surrey for lexi’s 6th bday tomorrow. running a million n one errands tonight – including picking up a gift from the registry at the bay that we’ve been putting off… and we’ll have to get to some much needed grocery shopping. also, our building is REALLY great but you have to pay to do laundry – so we need to get some loonies n quarters so we can clean up a lil bit this weekend … we have got a lot of clothing…

and for some reason this afternoon i ranted for a couple mins about people with funny names. somehow i got to Paul Bellini. whenever i mention bellinis to john he thinks of Paul – not the drink. i have never been formally introduced to the on screen work or contest known as “touch paul bellini” – although i did just google it and there’s a wiki site all about him. time for home – happy weekend everyone.