hot tub + moet = soggy ipod

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Nathalie last night had a great send-off message. She seems to be the most articulate and down to earth person of the bunch, now she’s gone. We’re left with Kimmy Gibbler (the cryer) and Brandi (the lush), Sophia Lauren (Ylena), Skater Girl (Heather – who gets TONS of face time, have you noticed that?), Sisi (who takes amazing photos, the quirkiness totally works), Tenika (I don’t have much to say about her) and finally, Alana. Enough said.
okay so now every female in canada ‘ hates’ Canada’s Next Top Model. what’s to like? the judges call everyone ‘big’, the girls are all whiny, very average looking, seemingly unintelligent and floozy. The show is based no where near what we would consider a fashion mecca of Canada… so why are we all still watching? It’s reality TV. You have your hot tub scenes, the competition, the protagonists, the loud mouths and the cryers. Every show on TV that has a “judge” has those judges telling contestants how horrible they are, how they need work and how they need to improve. Is this just different and more ‘hurtful to canada’ because the judges are critizing someone’s body instead of their singing ability? As for quality — ANTM was pretty weak when it started out, and it’s managed to streamline production quality over the last SIX seasons. This is season 1, we do not have Tyra or the big budget – sure some of the decisions and locations make you shake your head and say “I wouldn’t even take my grandma there” but I think most of us are still going to tune in next week regardless.

venables to kwantlen

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it’s wednesday and i’m already looking forward to the weekend. it’ll be full of events and fun things to do. If you’re not already out n’about at the Dragon Boat Festival try one of these:

Starting with the Commercial Drive Festival, June 18th. (Festival Homepage and post on Beyond Robson)

“Free of Charge. Free of Boring Corporate Stuff. Free of Cars”.

Heading east… Sapperton Days in New Westminster, June 17-18

“Sapperton Day is a family oriented event celebrating New Westminster and Sapperton’s unique location and history. It is held in conjunction with the annual Sapperton Bike Festival.” (New Westminster Events)

This ‘older’ part of town is continuously revitalizing itself. With new developments and faces in the neighbourhood it’s about time it did some promotion. For more info check out the city’s events page noted above or check out the History of Sapperton Day page.

And last but not least, moving across the river we have the Whalley Community Festival June 17th (City of Surrey Events). “The Festival will host 3 stages of performers that include dancers, musicians and solos. The Cultural Food Fair will have foods from around the world. ”

It’s also Fathers’ Day this Sunday – don’t forget! Get out and enjoy – hopefully the sketchy June weather will produce some sun for these events 🙂

to-do: appear in Summer stock play

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Many many things happening today! First off I haven’t made a hockey post in AGES, then I guess I should give an update on the World Cup, CNTM on tonight and the concert that’s been postponed.

Tonight is game 5 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (sportsnet). After losing the first two games to the Canes in Carolina everyone expected the Oil to return to Edmonton and kick ass (as they did vs San Jose earlier in the playoffs). Unfortunately they only managed to get 1 game in their favour so tonight we go back to Raleigh, where the Cup will be waiting in the wings for the Canes fingers crossed (hockey posts)

World Cup action – Man this city is going nuts, it’s fantastic! I believe now I’ve dropped to 3rd place in our company office pool but that’s okay – Spain’s win this morning should give me a boost. Later today Saudi Arabia and Tunisa play. John told me he heard somewhere that each player on the Saudi team gets $45K for every game they win – talk about incentive. (official schedule) The ‘home team’ Germany will take on Poland later on today as well. (football posts)

The only good thing about the Snow Patrol show being postponed is that I can now watch Canada’s Next Top Model tonight – but it’s hardly any consolation. The show is now moved to September AND an all-ages venue. Everyone knows tonight’s show would have been sooooooo good at the Commodore, but such is life. (SP postponed)

Last item of business, Happy Birthday to a fellow female Vancouver blogger! (GusGreeper).

it takes a very steady hand, oops butterfingers

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The latest episode of the Radiozoom podcast is available at – subscribe now, subscribe often :p
We had a very silly afternoon at work today. I had a mega-chocolate chip cookie and Chris -well he’s just silly anytime. He feeds off others’ sillyness. Anyhoo, he introduced us to the latest NBC summer show, Treasure Hunter. Since Laura is the TV blogger I love most, I commanded her to post about it so I could link to it err i mean I cheerfully suggested we commission her to write about it. Since we’re total Amazing Race junkies we’re willing to give this a shot and see how it compares. Check out lolo’s post.

Be sure to check out my categories (on the sidebar) for any events, books, tv, movies, music, football(soccer), hockey information/posts since I’ve been a busy lil beaver lately. I find myself reading other people’s blogs recently and thinking… ‘um yeah i had a post about that about a month ago…’ of course i’m not always on top of things – i’m just saying it never hurts to actually check out the blogs you have on your blogroll and actually see what people are up to/what’s new ya know? Of course John and I are known to post about the same thing on the same day… it’s all about perspective/opinion… bah, my point being – Poke your head up once and a while n’ take a look around. There are tons of great blogs in this city 😀

yeah, i'm a sucker

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another one of these quizes that people do that are complete BS but i still can’t pass them up when someone fwd’s it on to me. my sister sent me “what website are you“. She is apparently Wikipedia. I am

“You are funny and animated. You have a large following, but many people still don’t get you. You are flashy. You talk funny.”

How come I got the goofy thing? Okay well I guess listing my favourite holiday as “bring your monkey to work day” might not be the most serious of answers… Also, Laura and I just had a conversation about lemmings and I told her about the short story I once wrote about a boy and his pet lemming… fine! I can see why I may not be wiki.