I think I need a sunrise, I'm tired of the sunset

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Today is my Thursday, since we’re taking off Friday morning for a mini-roadtrip. I’m so excited – loading up our ipods, warming up the lil car transmitter and i get to show john more of his adopted home. There’s some new music i need to add to my playlists first.

Chris just introduced me to Augustana – they’ll be opening for Snow Patrol, and yes – I got our tickets this morning.

Speaking of – the track I just heard was called Boston. I emailed a friend of mine in Boston this morning (because he’s a butthead and doesn’t email me anymore) and now I hear this song. I had a really rough time when I lived in Boston and I actually had some of the best times of my life. It’s an amazing, unintimidating city full of history, culture, 80million universities and plain ol good times. If I did ever watch baseball or cheer for a team, it would be the Red Sox but now that I’ve gone and married a Cubs fans… *sigh*

show time

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if the two concerts we just got tickets for aren’t enough, my sis passed me a note about the snow patrol concert coming up in june at the commodore. she and i saw them last year and it was uber fun – now they’re at the commodore – which is totally worth going to (even for 30 bucks) and giggling about (and purchasing tickets to while at work tomorrow using the super secret fox listener/club code to buy in advance). i love concert season.
i also love my new shift time at work, this being my second day getting off ‘early’ i was able to take an hour nap after work and it’s still sunny out, still bright, still warm. we’ll venture out for that coffee later… perhaps a trip to the Robson Market is in order. all i know is i really wish it was mid-july right now and i could lay out somewhere, not wearing much, soaking up the sun. my body needs it right now (for many reasons including how white i am, i’m almost grey…laura …don’t laugh).

chlorine won't cleanse these images

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um so i’m just browsing some sites for upcoming vancouver events and i stumble across “Family Nude Swim Night” at Renfrew pool:

Skinnydipper Family Nude Swim Night

When: April 8, 2006, 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Where: Renfrew Community Pool
More Info: [email protected] or 604-484-7957

Skinnydipper swims are held on the second Saturday of each month. Membership is mandatory, application forms are available on-line or at the swim. Annual dues – $2.00.

Location: Renfrew Pool, 2929 East 22nd Ave., Vancouver, BC
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Cost: $6.00 per person. Children (18years & younger) are admitted free when accompanied by their parents.
Lockers are available for $0.25 rental (coin-op). Bring quarters, please.
Following each swim night there is usually a get together for snacks at a local restaurant.
All Skinnydipper swims are nude only. See our website at club.skinnydipper.ca for specific dates and times.

That’s all I have to say about that.

give me the colours of a different light

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24 last night was fantastic – i’m sure laura will be blogging about it soon. speaking of 24…i was just out for my lunch break, walkin’ around… and almost got karate chopped by the 24 hours guy on our corner. now i know talking about dailies hander-out-er people is SO craigslist ie. metro girl on corner of whatever and whatever u r hott. but still, this guy is fun. i don’t mind being almost karate chopped. he’s all swinging his arms around and staring you down when you don’t take a paper, it’s fun.
canucks… um .. don’t really seem like there’s any kind of urgency registering. crow was like – ooh we played well, they played well and gosh … they just won. um yes… i’m still behind them 100% but i’m thinking everyone in the city is a little worried. and don’t get me started on all the PPV games… just glad i didn’t pay for the last two.

a while back john “won” some coffee from the clubside breakfast podcast in olympia, WA. it was really yummy organic stuff and we’re currently looking for something to replace it since we’re all out. where’s a good place to get some yummy dark roast organic beans in vancouver? i know there’s probably a kabillion but any suggestions?

we communicate by semaphore

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laura made me sign up for epass on the CCRA website. at first i was annoyed that my activation code had to be mailed to me (and took 4 days) but i found out friday that my return will be directly deposited april 6th, and it’s a rather yummy one at that.
within the next few weeks we have a trip to the okanagan, Easter (which means lots of food, family and candies), South concert, Mates of State concert, the Sun Run, a wedding I was supposed to attend with my sister, my nephew’s birthday and about 50 million other things…

saturday we were up at 7am for a run, then science world, then a walk home from there – then a walk over to davie for lunch. sunday we were up at 7am because i had to go into work for a meeting — yes a MEETING sunday morning… mimosas were served (I’m a married woman, please don’t call me that) because we bought some american company but still…. no sleeping in at all for me since… um … ever.

EDIT: speaking of Okanagan wine, several big label under Vincor are now owned by our pals south of the border

i cant decide whether this post is cranky, sleepy, happy or ‘meh’. i think it’s ‘meh’. just an update on what’s going on in these parts. gotta bed now, gettin up at 5:30am to go for a run since i changed my work schedule. a plus side though since john heard the building maintenance guy outside today powerwashing the deck of the pool. working til not-so-late…. pool… summer… beaches… mm yes… good thoughts before i sleep.