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a sad little poll on my company’s site… either not many people take the time to participate or there’s something to be said about the people who come here.

even though podcast is the new buzz word people still do not know the advantages and awesomeness that is digital media. radio, mp3s, podcasts etc. get your news, satirical onion news, hockey team updates, casual banter, scores, highlights, etc etc all in portable media format – take it all on the bus with you and have your hands free to hold on during rush hour (as opposed to reading the paper). have everything ready at the touch of a button on your computer, archive, record… oh man… the possibilities are endless.

of course i dont have to tell you all this. just google podcasting, podcasts, check out the links on my sidebar then check out the links on those sites once you’re there. off work now, heading out to watch the game – going home to record a quick blurb for dave olsen’s podcast with john. go ‘nucks!

take me down when im wired

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April seems too short. It could be the two-long-weekends-in-a-row thing for me or the so-much-crap-happening factor. we went to the okanagan last weekend, this weekend we’re going to a family picnic so john can meet the rest of the distant relatives that haven’t yet been able to say “you’re from IOWA?!” and look puzzled then ask where that is on the map. then we have our week of concerts, our running events, and hopefully more time to just do some un-scheduled un-planned things in this city. there are several restaurants we’ve been meaning to check out, more trails we’d like to hike and we STILL have gift cards from the wedding for HBC that we desperately need to spend 😉
Tonight we’re heading out for the game – THE game… okay well one of 3 “THE” games that the canucks must win to make the playoffs. a co-worker of mine is in town from Toronto and he’s befriended the owner of a pub downtown (well he met him on his last trip out) so we’re going to head there for the PPV. This is it folks – show your support. And as much of a Joe fan I was when I was in Boston… I hope he does not so…well tonight …and yeah… *sigh* who knows what will happen… might as well just flip a coin.

it's down to san hoser… including rant.

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two more games vs san jose then one vs the avs – three must-wins for the canucks. we’re so close yet so far away from the playoffs. everyone’s speculating, blaming and pointing fingers. people are looking to the big-money players for vancouver who aren’t producing, those who have been injured, those who have stepped up but can’t carry the entire team – for the entire season – on their backs. time to shake up the canucks? dump the coach? dump the captain? everyone knows what’s wrong and everyone’s sharing their opinions. people were back on the bandwagon after the win on saturday and now they’re all rolling off again in a drunken stupor. as someone in my office said this morning – the mantra of canucks fans should be ‘we’ll get ’em next year’.
despite the loads of hot water the canucks are in now, i still feel as though i can talk-hockey as much as the next guy – sometimes better – sometimes not so knowledgeable. but i definately am not a clueless puck bunny. one of my pet peeves is people underestimating my intelligence on the level of hockey – GAW that’s annoying. the men in the office wait around til they’re all in so they can talk to each other about the game… meanwhile i’ve been here all morning, know all the stats, have read all the papers, blogs, reports and have about 200 times more insight than all of them put together. but do they want to talk to me about hockey? nope. i’m not one of those girls whose only knowledge of “hockey” is knowing what colour eyes Cloutier has and who looks ‘yummy’ with their playoff beards. 😐

woe is me. i guess i’ll keep my hockey chats for my husband, friends, blog etc. (edit: january was uber-canuck filled) although there are some hockey-femme fans around (as I discovered while checking the canucks op-ed this morning) so there is hope. but still… darn them hockey-sexists.

lost my membership card to the human race

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we had a great time on our mini-road trip to the okanagan. we made a mobile podcast on the drive home which will be available (i believe later today, the man just has to encode it and do whatever fancy things he does) on
we listened to so much music via our ipods n’transmitter along the way. i realized that yes, i do like Hum and that you can never EVER escape Nickelback on ANY radio station anywhere. also, we listened to a promo that john had downloaded before he left – it was for (see the button on my sidebar) – it’s the new home of the Canucks Outsider podcast.

we took the crowsnest on the way there – since we were in no rush and it was a nice scenic route (although which route isn’t scenic when driving through BC?). On the way back we just did the connector/coquihalla. we stopped at some great places to eat, drink wine, and go for a mini-hike along the water to skip rocks.

i’m just getting caught up on my vancouver blog reads, seeing what’s happened in the city (or will be going on) and readjusting to work again. although with no work on friday, this will be a pretty smooth week – more to come at a later time 🙂

EDIT: the podcast is up. to listen, go to or check out the miss604 section of the podcast page
[miss604 travel]

lightning blue eyes reflected sunrise

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up at the ‘butt crack o’dawn’ as john would say. went running and it was scrumptious. i have to watch my spelling in this post since i sped through my last one and i had two very particular women who shall remain nameless (even though they posted comments) saying how poor my spelling was. anyhoo, after the run we were stretching in the living room while watching the morning news. kevin newman from global news was given a lovely tour of the PM’s office the other day so they showed some clips. PM Harper was very pleased to show off his favourite toy/tool/aide – his Easy button sitting on top of his desk. now if that doesn’t help me put total confidence in this man running my country, i dunno what does.