4 years to go

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so yeah i’m sick. can’t stop being mrs. sneezerpants. last night we went over to english bay for the lil ‘ceremony‘ as a part of … some special olympic week thinger. it’s been so chilly lately – except last night wasn’t too bad – even by the water. we stood next to the dude carrying the black skull n crossbones flag, 2040 being the year he says that we’ll finally pay off our olympic-sized debt. it was really interesting to hear folks walk up to him and talk about their opinions, points of view, and to hear his in return. as john commented… we were “so vancouver” last night. soy lattes in hand, at an olympic ceremony by the beach, choir of lil kids (who walked there from the Roundhouse btw) and standing next to peaceful protestors. throw in the mounties on horses and a group of people who kayaked to the event and yeah… it was a pretty okay time — the sunset being the most amazing of all.

the luckiest

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not much time or brainpower to blog. first day back at work, last day with house guest, still coming down off the high of being married and the feeling of not being able to sleep in past 830 am since… well i can’t remember the last time…

john’s meeting me after work, hopefully we can spend some more gift cards at Hbc then head to English Bay for the lighting of the Inukshuk.

as my brain re-adjusts to normal life, more will follow…

check out the amazing race 9 blog in the meantime or any of the other blogs/vancouver sites on the link sidebar… oh yeah… and we posted a podcast with Don last night too :p pics of our fun times are up on flickr.

not so hot

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Our house guest is here today. Parents were in last night. Still so much to do, I hope John doesn’t get lost in the idea of tour guide and remembers there’s a wedding going on :p Gotta get the liquor license today (hopefully) and run about a million errands – oh wait – i’m still at work today :-/ good thing i skipped breakfast, will probably skip lunch and still have a million errands to run tomorrow morning before john’s brother gets in and there’s a bridal shower for me in the evening.

EDIT: I’m a total jerk :p co-workers/entire office had a mini-bridal shower for me including lots of food, gifts and best wishes – awwww! (and they bugged me that i would blog about it shortly after so here it is :p)

Beans, Nitro, Laser

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i really like coffee. john won some coffee from the Clubside Breakfast Podcast.

i bet it’ll be yummy.

i’m a stress pot. total stress pot. you know what makes me giggle? American Gladiators.

4 days and counting….

EDIT: Oh yeah, and while out on the town and meeting all these people from all over the world, we ended up having some drinks with kari lehtonen of the Atlanta Thrashers and one of his goalie friends from the Sabres. I took a picture with him and his NHLPA card just to make sure:p He should have been at the olympics right now for Finland – question is – why are these two star goalies in town right now, eh ? 😉 pics to follow/corroborate my story later.