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stickinrink.gifThe old vintage jerseys look great on TV. Lately, fans have been obsessed with the soothing blue and the crisp green of the 70s era Canucks uniforms [audihertz].

They were brought back a couple of years ago when the league was having flashbacks. You’d catch original six teams playing each other in their old colours or logos while our guys would don the ‘stick in rink’.

Lately, these have become our third jerseys – almost permanent fixtures and selling like hotcakes cause the fans just love ’em. With the recent 100% local ownership, the talk of bringing back the stick in rink made Vancouverites all giddy [globe & mail]. Even the newly re-launched is sporting white and blue.

I must admit, they are better than the orange and yellow V’s of the 80s, although the skate will always have a place in my heart.

hjohnny.gifWhen goalie Roberto Luongo goes ‘vintage’ he sports a mask with Johnny Canuck painted on the side. Now just who IS Johnny Canuck?

Johnny Canuck was created as a national personification of Canada. He first appeared in early political cartoons dating to 1869 where he was portrayed as a younger cousin of the United States’ Uncle Sam and Britain’s John Bull….

The character re-emerged during World War II in the February 1942 issue of Bell’s Dime Comics No.1. …Johnny Canuck’s cartoon exploits helped Canada fight against Nazism. Like Captain America, he met Adolf Hitler and almost single-handedly ended the war…[Wiki]

When I lived in the States people used to ask me if “Canuck” [wiki] was a derogatory term. They’d want to use it (or had heard it used) in such a manner. Looking at, I can see why they might think that. Hmmf. I don’t take any offense to the term, even if my team was handed their biggest loss of the season by the Ducks [tsn] the other night *sigh*

fin.gifThere have been many superstitions about our team. I heard one that it was considered unlucky to have their arena located between two bridges. Hmm might explain why we haven’t made it to the cup final since the days of the Pacific Coliseum. There are other rumors that the vintage jersey is lucky, some think it’s unlucky. Some say that the vintage-style pads Luongo wore the other night were to blame for a loss.

We don’t know yet whether or not the owners decide to give the Orca the boot. Johnny Canuck probably won’t be making a return, and I think it doesn’t matter what we wear right now – we should just be looking to succeed this season.

is it always raining today

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‘I remember when the “new” 10 dollar bill came out with the poem printed on it. Everyone (including myself) thought it had a typo: “In Flanders Field the poppies grow between the crosses row on row”. Although on the bill it says blow. What an outrage. Turns out – “we” were all wrong and the note was right. Blow. Go figure.’

Recently, a post on a local website got John and I talking. The author tells of white poppies that she’s worn on Remembrance day because she doesn’t want to ‘support war’. Continue reading this post ⟩⟩

let it

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mmm snowI have a couple fun links on my sidebar under “Vancouver Info” where you can find some webcams located around the Lower Mainland. (Also noted on my recent metblogs post). One that got some of my co-workers very excited this afternoon was a view of Cypress Mountain. Because there was snow. Yes, snow.

I’ve been snowboarding for 12 years now. Ever since I tried skiing for the first time in the French Alps (Chamonix) I knew that snowboarding was where it’s at.

I learned to board at Mount Seymour with my best pal Anne. No lessons, just two teenage girls with boards carving up the slopes. Since then I’ve been to Seymour many times, couple season passes, Cypress, and Whistler, but I’ve still never hit Grouse. Is it worth the trip? (Yep, still haven’t been since I wrote this post)

We didn’t attempt any extreme sports last year or at all really, since John still doesn’t have BC Medical. As long as nothing breaks and that trusty old snowmobile doesn’t have to rescue him from anywhere (the bills would be horrible… oh yeah and it would suck if he hurt himself too :p). I’ve been able to get him on my benefits for work so maybe he’d let me give him a lesson…

RadioZoom Episode #118 – Interview With Jim from Sparta

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The audio from our interview with Jim Ward of Sparta [miss604] has now been posted on RadioZoom [Episode 118]. It all starts off talking about rain and sushi. Good times in Vancouver, eh?

Another adventure with the podcasting project, RadioZoom gets the opportunity to hang out with Jim Ward, front man for the band Sparta, during their one night visit on their current tour. Richards on Richards was the venue for this evening, and both Rebecca and I had a really great time.

We discuss a variety of topics, ranging from what life on the road is like, the making of the latest album, Jim’s prior experiences with Vancouver, a little bit of politics, and we discover a little more of what life is like in Jim’s hometown of El Paso, Texas. (Note: explicit language)

It was an amazing opportunity for the interview, and the performance that night was nothing short of being absolutely stellar. We take a moment back in the studio to reflect on the overall experience and review what we saw on stage that night.

59:48 minutes

isn't nursey stupid

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eih“It’s my busy time of year”. Very very very busy. Everyone’s got something to say, something to report and a company to take over and it’s our job to make sure people know about it. It doesn’t matter how many fancy programs our IT department concocts, it doesn’t make anything easier. I think I need to go to the optometrist and get me some glasses or something. People in the office like the lights out because it’s “easier on the eyes” but I dunno what kinda night vision they must have, because it’s more painful on mine.

It’s 7:30pm and I’m just now catching up on my news and blog feeds for the day while the Canucks take on the Ducks. I think it’s fantastic to see the Canucks under local ownership again [mbv]. We discussed it a little on the podcast [thecrazycanucks] and everyone’s pretty happy about it. No more fear of a big American swooping in and moving the team to Iowa.

Gonna crack a beer and ride out the week. I’ve been battling a cold now for about a week, and I think the change of season is getting to John as well. No crazy interviewing rock stars this weekend, nothing fancy at all, in fact I’m even working the stat on Monday. Maybe my lovely sister [jenny]will take me away to America this weekend for food and shopping times. Maybe Alex Burrows wants to come with? :-O