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googlehome.jpgI love ’em. They appeared last night when I loaded Firefox 2.0 on my home computer. Then they disappeared, then they were back again when I used an add-on/theme.

I got to work this morning and here they are – sweet! John’s a total feed and “info at your fingertips” junky and I have to say, this is the first step I’m taking in that direction. Was this an official UI update by Google? It only appeared when I updated Firefox and I know it’s not showing up on John’s Mac.

Found an article here, and some forum talk here – seems like this is old news, but they tab appearances have been spotty.

studio 60 and sports night – so stick around

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studio60.jpgI have no idea what it is but Studio 60 makes me wanna cry. No, not because it’s horrible nor is it because I’m a total wuss. I’ll also deny any claims of being a nerd-head mushy chick. The point is, there’s only one other show that has ever made me feel like this before and that’s Sports Night.

I blogged about Sports Night before [miss604], looking back at the post, it was almost exactly a year ago that John’s DVD collection merged with mine, including his entire box set for the show.

Both series are the brainchild of creator and writer Aaron Sorkin [imdb], who is also responsible for The West Wing. I have never watched the latter but I can fully atest to Sorkin’s powerful quick-witted writing prowess in the other two.

If you’ve ever watched Sports Night (a show that was canceled mid-season, which completely left us without any kind of closure), and are now watching Studio 60 (with “Chandler” who hasn’t been this attractive since the mid 90s on Friends), you can spot the similarities.

sportsnight.jpgThey are both shows within a show – about the writers, producers, backstage and behind the scenes. You laugh, feel embarrassed for the characters, like some, despise others, and your heart strings get a good tug. Harriet and Matt are the new Dana and Casey.

Although Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is one of two shows about late-night sketch comedy programs out this season, it’s on a different playing field. 30 Rock, the other show, is funny but it’s more of a fluffy-goofy comedy. I enjoy Tina Fey‘s writing although it can be a little dry, and Tracy Morgan definitely provides most of the comic relief – the kind that makes you snort things out your nose.

60 on the other hand has that quick wit along with intelligent writing, a mature cast and that fast paced walking n’ talking that seems to be the cool thing to do these days on prime time TV. This is exactly what we saw in the Emmy Award winning Sports Night, which couldn’t last 3 seasons. Could this be why people are saying 60’s popularity won’t last? It’s just too good for its own good?

We’re seriously not trying to be couch potatoes this Fall but with shows like this, hockey, and the wallop that Heroes packs, I’m more incline to stay indoors on rainy nights and catch up on missed episodes. We’re going to keep tuning in to see how things pan out, but several weeks into the season and the line ups are impressive. Now if only Rescue Me season 4 was starting, I’d be a complete emotional roller coaster (even more so than normal).

around the league & the cardiac kids

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myspacehockey.gifCorporate-named arenas are in abundance in the NHL. Sometimes we think we have it bad with General Motors Place aka The Garage, but ya know, it’s one of the better ones out there. As of yesterday, – a career search site based in Arizona, put up the 3 mil (annually) needed to purchase the Glendale Arena, home of the Phoenix Coyotes. Gretz and the boys will now be operating out of the Arena [phoenixbiz]. Hm. Interesting if Pyatt keeps stepping it up should this be our new arena logo? ->

Around the NHL yesterday, Sakic got his 1500th point in a loss vs Washington, who we face on this Friday. My standings in the work hockey pool are dwindling, hopefully with a few more Canuck wins, things will improve. That, and Ottawa seems to be pummeling their Provincial rivals lately [tsn] – now those are some gritty games. For beautiful, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring games on the other hand, you just have to tune in to Pittsburg and watch all their Mario Jrs play.

Last night the Canucks pounded an ailing Chicago team, 5-0 earning YoLuongo!* his first shut out with Vancouver. On the radio this morning they said we had ZERO shut outs last year with Auldy/Clouts. Could this be right? Are you suuuure there wasn’t one tucked away in there somewhere?

More on the topic of funny things the commentators say, “Kudos to Shorty for saying that referee Magoo waves his arms around so much that he is going to take flight. Hilarious [waitingforstanley]”. Chicago definitely was impeded but I think we finally brought on that all-out offense we’ve been struggling to get so far, or at least unleashing with 0.8 seconds left in the game. The penalties were nothing like the Dallas game though, that one was just tough.

Everyone from bloggers to callers on sports talk shows agree that Pyatt looks great with the Sedins and they’re glad that Naslund is back with Mo.

For more hockey discourse, opinions and banter, check out this week’s episode of the Crazy Canucks Podcast. Episode 4 runs about 33:00 mins, click here for the mp3.

*YoLuongo coined by Alanah at Vancouver Canucks Op Ed

through the dawn I'd seen it, too

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I have a rich employment history dealing with broadcasting audio (in rich I mean, it’s full of – not – very lucretive :p). It all started in 1998, unofficially and officially in 2000 when I joined the dotcom boom with an online broadcasting company.

I’ve always loved audio production but that doesn’t even come close to the passion my husband Mister radio- podcast- engineer- mega caster man has.

John’s been podcasting RadioZoom since October of 2004 and all the music he’s played has been podsafe* for the last year. This includes artists such as Nada Surf, Matthew Good, John Vanderslice, The Format, Shiner, The GOStation, Harvey Danger – just to name a few.

After I landed the Aberdeen City Interview John officially named me the podcast’s ‘publicist’. It was in jest but I’m hoping it will ring true someday because I’ve just landed him permission to play another cool band that we both enjoy, The Secret Machines. Continue reading this post ⟩⟩

flashing that smile at random

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I got lost. Okay well not completely lost but turned around. John wanted to show me some of his running routes through the Park so we headed out yesterday afternoon in the fog.

The fog had rolled in on Friday night, it was so creepy. You could see it coming from miles away, over the ocean, drifting towards downtown. Then one by one, it gobbled up a building around us until we could barely see out the window. “The fog that turns people inside out,” John said. I giggled repeatedly then slinked over to the couch where I had been lying all day, home sick from work.

Back to getting lost. We headed into the park, leaves crunching beneath our feet, Canadian Geese staring us down, just waiting to attack. There were still flowers left on some of the shrubs and rhododendrons in the gardens. People out for jogs donned toques and there was an abundance of couples out for walks in matching Goretex jackets [wiki]

We we turned into the forest which seemed more dense than usual, it could be because with the fog it was dark as night in there, although it was barely 4pm. As the grade increased John would tell me, “this is where it gets tough” during his runs. You never realize how many hills are in the park until you’ve trekked around a bit. When you’re out on Georgia street think of how high you must travel to get up to Lions Gate bridge, it’s a bit of an illusion, except if you’re a jogger on the trails. Continue reading this post ⟩⟩