Loopy RadioZoom Episode #112

Comments 1 by Rebecca Bollwitt
We threw together an episode tonight before the concert.

[John’s] birthday is coming up on Sunday, and we’ll be attending the Canucks game againt Anaheim in celebration. We get into a variety of topics, including Vancouver Trivia as [John’s] one year anniversary in Vancouver is quickly approaching [radiozoom]

Click here to listen to the mp3, visit the site for show notes, links and extra tidbits.

Oh and if you lost a wallet at the Snow Patrol concert tonight, my sister found it and handed it to a PNE employee-security-looking guy. In hindsight we probably would have been better off hanging on to it and trying to contact the owner ourselves but um, it’s in their hands now. Okay? PNE Forum staff security people things. Good luck.

I’ll have pics and a couple vids up later tomorrow. Laura was nice enough to lend me her cam so it’ll take a while to get it back to her, have the pics sent over yada yada yada concert recap post will come later. Enjoy the podcast, and have a happy Friday!

shut your eyes

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Work is pretty damn busy this morning BUT, it’s my Friday today! John’s birthday-long-weekend starts at 4pm (as soon as I leave the office). Tonight is Snow Patrol and I’m not the tour reporter [604] but of course I’ll be blogging about it tomorrow. Hopefully we can get to doing a podacst before heading out to the show as well.
Only 10 days left until the Run for the Cure. John’s got a post up [audihertz] and we’ve also got some support over at dingoRUE’s blog. Our group raised $400 collectively at an event last Sunday but we’re still pretty far off our goal of $10,000 – we even have a woman who will shave her head (and donate her hair to charity) if we reach our target.

Beyond Robson also reminds us that it’s the 21st Annual AIDS Walk for Life this Sunday, September 24th [BR]

Over on Metroblogging, Matt’s got a post up about “Haunted Vancouver” [mbv] – something my momma would totally be interested in. If you’ve experienced any creepyness (and I don’t mean from that weird heavy breather/close talker dude in your office) feel free to share your encounter.

To get us all in the mood (while we’re feverishly anticipating the official start to the NHL season… and VCOE‘s return to hockey blogging) Darren Barefoot’s got a nice little collection links to ‘ugly-ass hockey logos’ [DB] including a shout out to the Buffaslug.

I cannot WAIT until Sunday! (But I can’t say why, it’s a secret).

Edit: Now I can’t wait til next Wednesday – Laura rocks! She hooked me up with a body polish and hot rocks massage (at her new work). Although I really don’t know what a body polish is… and these are just students… um… I’m sure it’ll still be interestingwicked relaxing.

so yummy, it's delicious

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I’ve added Digg and Del.icio.us to the bottom of my posts (thanks to this blog for the tip). If you see a post of mine that you like – Digg it!

I’ve been going aggregator crazy lately and I’m still trying to add my “for: miss604” del.icio.us to my Google homepage (as recommended by John so I can see all the stuff he’s bookmarking for me) but Google isn’t cooperating. If I’ve lost you on this one, sorry and um… here’s Homer being sexy (click to enlarge)

this song will guide you home

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On my way to work this morning I listened to my “mallow” playlist. It features a couple songs that were played at our wedding so of course I got all sappy and was complete mush but the time I got to the office.
I bought John‘s birthday present yesterday. He pretty much knows what it is so I’ll just say there will be sticks, pucks and a lot of beer involved – the way we both like it. I pretty much have us booked up until Sunday – so he’ll have one of those super fun 4-day-long birthdays.

Snow Patrol concert on Thursday, I’m off work Friday then we’re going to my parent’s for dinner, out with friends on Saturday and super fun secret present time on Sunday.

We’ll see my sister on Thursday and Saturday, she’s super-momma. The municipality keeps requesting her for jury duty (3 times in the past couple months), weird. Not sure a single working mother of 3 kids (all under 6 years old) has the time, really. Although I keep requesting she write more for Miss604.com… I think she should… she’s got lots of stories to tell.

It’s been one year since John moved to Vancouver. He left his friends, family, job and home behind – to come here and start a new life with the woman he loves (that would be me). I told him this morning when his status is approved he better call me at work (since IM is so unreliable). It’ll be the climax of this uphill battle we’ve had all year. I also know that after he calls me he better call his Grandma in Kansas City. She’s his biggest fan and our iChats are pretty fun. If all goes well we’ll be heading down there for Christmas. If not, it will be another undetermined number of months before he can work and travel. Regardless, I still consider myself lucky every day and we both know that the only place to go from here, is up.

a banner year

Comments 18 by Rebecca Bollwitt
I’ve never been up GrouseMountain nor have I visited the CapilanoSuspension Bridge. I’ve never worn Lululemon, Ugg boots or shopped for clothing/shoes on Robson or West 4th. I’ve never eaten at the Naam.

I used to rollerskate at Stardust, shop at A&B Sound and commute through Gateway every day. I remember when there were more trees than houses in Annmore and getting floats at A&W drive-ins in Langley and New Westminster.

I used to take the bus (not the skytrain) to New West for $2 movies on 6th. The tugboat at the Quay used to be featured at Expo. The Coquihalla never used to be an option.

I remember when Woodward’s $1.49 days jingles were addictive and informative, Wal-Mart was Woolco, ToysCity and Toys n wheels were abundant in malls.

I’ve come a long way since then (and so has John). We love watching Canucks games at our local pub, browsing the Robson Market, going for walks, and although you can rant all you want, transit usually gets us from A to B.

This weekend we were out and about in False Creek. John introduced me to several places that I didn’ know existed. Sure I’ve lived here my entire life and I can see beyond the boundaries of Vancouver proper. I have probably camped & swam in every body of water from here to Norbury Lake – but that doesn’t, by any means, imply that I know everything about the city (and you already know my feelings about the rain [604]). I discover new things about Vancouver every single day [mbv].

This Surrey girl is going to keep on blogging about the city she loves, through her eyes, for Vancouverites, new and old as the blog approaches its 2nd anniversary.

I’ve changed the banner to celebrate the new season. It’s a pic I took of some graffiti under the Granville Street bridge. If I knew where to give credit (to the artists) I would – if you know, let me know.

Thank you for reading Miss 604 (and forcing me to invest in more bandwidth :p) may the fun continue.